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Baghdad - Kurds have 48 hours to sign oil revenue contracts

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The government has postponed its decision to reduce the budget of Kurdistan to reimburse the million dollar amount of money that according to the Ministry of Oil, the country has last because the Kurds had stopped exporting oil through national pipelines.


According to the estimation of the ministry, the country has lost more than $10 billion and that is why it has asked the cabinet to cut the same amount of money from the budget arrangements with the Kurdish government and that arrangement amounts up to 17% of the total oil revenue of the country.


Ali Dhari, a member of the energy commission of the parliament of Iraq has said that the decision of postponing this matter of forcing the Kurds to pay for the loss the country has sustained due to the suspension of the oil export by Kurdistan government will ensure that the two parties can get into a discussion in the future.


Dhari has also added that the Kurds will be grateful to meet the conditions provided by the Oil Ministry and they have one week to respond to the situation.


Kurdistan has finally agreed to ship the oil to the international market through the Iraqi pipelines and has also agreed that the oil ministry can collect the royalties.


The dispute on the fact that the foreign firms are not getting paid enough for developing oil fields in Kurdistan region and some other issues related to the contract has influenced the Kurds to stop the oil export.


There are three northern provinces, Arbil, Sulaimaniya and Dahouk where the Kurds enjoy extended autonomy.


They have stated that any oil field development in their region is their responsibility only.


Baghdad has commented that any natural resource like oil will come under the jurisdiction of the central government of Iraq. Source [Azzaman]


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orrrrrrrrr  they will  what ?    the country has lost 10 billion ,  now I wonder if that has to do with the low dinar value , at one time we read that the low reate of dinar will cost Iraq billions,  <------ well wake up !!! I think they just found out it too be true ,  now everyone sign off on the rise in dinar value , and the sharing of oil profits and get this moving in the right direction {   wheeeuuuu   now I feel better }  :peace: 

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Now might really be a good time to think about getting a solid upper level contact at a main 4 big banks head branch in your area and just don't go walking in get an appointment and when the time comes so your just not walking in cold and think about a security issue of the transport,like a buddy packing to see there are no parking lot mishaps think how easy of a target you will be ? Who really walks into a bank with a large bag of anything.

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I am Putin watch me take my shirt off a get more hits than Miley on molly. Sheep love a good story when its go in down in D.C. now !!!


Straight away let me apologise because in the past I have complained about the lack of any good translations from Iraqi to English.


Please tell me that there is someone out there that can translate the above. LOL

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Thank you for the post Lefty!!


I noticed, that they are figuring at the 17% figure.  Back a while ago, that was the sticking point between the Kurds, and Maliki.  Then about a month ago, they both said they came to an agreement, so my thinking is that article 140 is done, and they are very close to the HCL.  It is jmho, and I may be reading too much into it, but nothing was ever finalized, in writing between Barzani, and Maliki, and this appears, to be pointing to the fact, that it is the agreement between them.


It is jmho, that Iraq is not going to tell anybody anything, so you have to find the "nuggets", and pieces of the puzzle, to figure thing out with these people.  :shrug:


Again, thanks Lefty!!!


Go RV or RI Soon!!!


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Yep old

The Kurds know by now Iraq is one nation

Not two or three

The oil is nationalized and controlled through Baghdad central government

The Kurds get their fair share no more

Life goes on

The Kurds can generate income in other ways if they need more income

Jet up the oil production nation wide we may see a generous increase in the dinar value

Otherwise nothing

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