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My grandson!

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Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, our sweet little grandson was delivered yesterday and Mom and baby are doing terrific! She did have a few problems, tho. Her placenta partially abrupted, which means it detached from the wall of the uterus (10%). She lost quite a bit of blood... well, she and baby both lost quite a bit of blood. Her blood pressure at one point was 105/49! I nearly passed out when I saw that, but it progressively got better. She was on oxygen all thru labor, had an epidural as soon as possible. Total labor was about 30 hours, but they don't really count when the pains first started, just the last part, so I'm not sure what the official time was. Her contractions were 2 minutes apart for the entire 30 hours!


Baby boy doesn't want to nurse still, but that's expected because he swallowed a lot of meconium and bloody amniotic fluid. Overall, he's doing great. No symptoms from the strep, which is such a relief!


They are coming home in the morning, thankfully! 


We appreciate everything y'all did in their behalf and just wanted to leave an update. 


Hugs, love and prayers!



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Thank you all for the well wishes and congratulations! Baby boy had a bout of jaundice and had to sleep under the bili light for 3 days but he's doing much better now. All is well and we are enjoying every second of him! Our other two grandsons came in today to meet him (they brought their Daddy, our #2 son) and so we had all 3 boys here today, it was so fun... and SO exhausting! They're only here for 3 days, so we're gonna try to pack in as much quality time as we can.


My best to each of you! Hugs!



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