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Hello all....


Tis I "coolbeans"


I came to announce I have been a fraud...


I have been posting here at DV for years as the false name of "Cool beans"


I am in fact the very person who coined the phrase "cool beans"


And....I have been a member of DV under another well known name for years.


So....who is...."cool beans"?

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Share on other sites mean your REAL name isn't Cool Beans??? What's a person to believe anymore? My Wednesday is officially shot to he!! now.

Crazy huh?


But dig this....I came up with the pharse "cooll beans" back in 1983

Kind of unjust as I have been the ex poser  of fakes...

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We have the evidence against the frauds and fakes.



Even against those who came to expose the gurus!


LOL! busted one and all! 

So Coolbeans let me ask you this.............Whats your Point ?


Why are you outing yourself ?     Are we supposed to guess what your other user name is ?    


Do we get a prize?        Whats your Point????????????????? :shrug:

The point is this...


You MUST only do your own due diligence,


Or you are a fool.

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stop encouraging him, ya'll.... now that ariel castro hung himself,

coolbeans thinks there's now room in this world for another

sick, twisted a-hole. <_<


go away totally fried beans.  you're creepy .




Creepy is someone who thinks they know the truth....but does not.


You girls late for FOX news?

Just listen to my radio show tonight for the truth.

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