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Economic parliamentary: the work of the Central "excellent" and was able to reduce inflation to 7%

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Economic parliamentary: the work of the Central "excellent" and was able to reduce inflation to 7%


  Published on Sunday, 01 September / September 2013 16:32

6028.jpg Baghdad Awan
A member of the parliamentary economic committee Qusay al-Abadi, Sunday, the level of the central bank's performance as "excellent," noting that his committee will continue with the new management of the Bank and reviewed the law in which they are working.
Ebadi said, in a statement, "Awan", "The performance of the central bank is generally excellent, he was able to solve the problem of volatility installed at the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar and was able to," he said, adding that "This is a calculated point of his administration."
 He said al-Abadi, a deputy for the Iraqi List, "We are in the Economic Commission parliamentary We had many meetings and meetings with the management of the central bank, was found at the level of the Bank's performance and the law that is working it," noting that "the bank's management sent its reports on a weekly and monthly basis to the House of Representatives, and there is good communication in this regard. " He pointed out that "the central bank an important institution, and that his focus is the subject of inflation and fixing the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar," explaining that "the central bank was able to reduce the inflation rate to 7%, noting that" one of the functions of the central bank is to monitor Iraqi banks, being the official reported in all provinces of the country, and that the lack of precision in the follow-up to this the Born confusing command in the Bank's work during the previous period. "
He went on to say that "the central bank returned to a level that was supposed to be doing, and sell the currency Excellent today in light of the new staff," hoping "to continue with this performance, and keep the exchange rate."

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Maybe this was part of the deal. Prove to us, you can curb inflation, and you can reevaluate your currency. I'm sorry, but I see this as a good thing. Wasn't Shabibi having a tough time fighting it? I'm pretty sure it was getting out of hand.

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