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Integrity begins audited accounts of officials outside of Iraq and calls for Parliament to lift the immunity of the accused of

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Integrity begins audited accounts of officials outside of Iraq and calls for Parliament to lift the immunity of the accused of corruption

Thursday, August 22 / August 2013 14:40 | pdf_button.pngprintButton.png|emailButton.png



{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Integrity Commission announced the commencement audited financial accounts of senior officials outside Iraq, and conducted refund procedures and wanted fugitives outside the country, demanding the House of Representatives to lift the immunity of MPs accused of corruption to facilitate consideration of their cases .

The authority said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it on Thursday, "they began to audit the accounts of Finance of senior officials located outside Iraq and direct actions refund and wanted fugitives to other countries, and called for the House of Representatives to respond to lift the immunity of MPs accused of corruption to facilitate consideration of their cases. "

She said, "It referred to the judiciary during the first six months of this year {2541} accused of corruption," indicating that "the courts looked at files {1303}, accusing Fberot yard {549} and ruled on the {754} convicted provisions ranging from life imprisonment and imprisonment for various terms and payment fine in addition to paying the embezzled money before releasing. "

She added, "It's made in a report on the performance of its departments during the first half of this year, tables of names of senior officials who revealed ذممهم Finance with the Director-General of the Department of Prevention journalists finalization of the names of the first meal of the officials who did not disclose their financial interests to the legal department to organize and prosecution of criminal proceedings before the competent courts. "

It is said that the text of the Constitution that the members of the presidencies of the three bodies to provide financial ذممهم disclosures to the Integrity Commission, which is a three reports of the detection offers the first of them in the first month of taking charge of the position and the second at the end of the service in addition to the final report .

The statistics of the Integrity Commission has reported that senior officials in response to the detection of financial ذممهم recorded during the month of July, up slightly from the rates of the first half of this year, despite warnings from the Commission that it would soon begin moving the lawsuits in court against the abstainers ended

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Don't let the crooks get away IRAQ, prosecute them to the full extent of the law. If they left the country have them extradited.


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