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Technical expert to al-Qaeda is able to destroy any place on earth

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Technical expert to al-Qaeda is able to destroy any place on earth






Baghdad / File News: Still the American Edward Snowden concern to world public opinion and the U.S. in particular after his asylum to Russia, as well as search for the most serious mind is designed for explosives used by al Qaeda is capable of designing explosives could destroy any place targeted by al-Qaeda, and the emergence of innovation unique to predict the remaining period of the life of individuals even death.




This is the most prominent titles that topped the front pages of world newspapers, where preoccupied newspaper "The Washington Post" the issue of the U.S. Edward Snowden accused of spying, and an article reported for Aazra Klein, when asked if Edward Snowden worth the title of "National Hero".




The author adds that "President Obama said in his speech Friday that what makes our country different from others is our ability to practice democracy in its true form, and create an open dialogue."




He Klein said: "This is exactly what Snowden, is that the U.S. administration did not follow it, there was not any dialogue publicly about the case, but on the contrary, there was a lie and deceive ago, months, output we Director of National Intelligence to provide a glimpse on the performance of programs intelligence, but he lied to the Americans, Nobody was يجادله in it. "




Klein believes that "the main reason for the anger of President Obama, which he has done Snowden is that it confused what could be focused on monitoring programs, and better presented to the Americans."




In the newspaper "Sunday Telegraph" we read a lengthy report on the Ibrahim al-Asiri, one of the most dangerous al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is a reason behind the explosives used by the organization.




The newspaper added that "what worries security officials Westerners really is an experienced Asiri (31 years), which makes it able to inflict damage anywhere on earth, it is able to design explosives can not be monitored by the security measures at airports, even with tests developed which began working out after the atheist attacks of September, according to the report. "




The paper points out that the technical expertise behind two of the most serious security threats in the past few years, and was the first threat in 2009, when he tried to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab bomb designed by Asiri, and was hidden in pants, during a flight in the United States, and the second threat was In 2010, when he was hiding explosives designed by Asiri in the closet electronic ink printer, in order to be detonated during a flight from Yemen to the United States.




In the past year, revealed that he was trying to design devices are surgically implanted inside the body of the bomber, according to the report, which also indicates that Asiri in his work depends on the plastic explosives without odor, used in atomic bombs.




According to the report, he was born Asiri in Saudi Arabia, and his father was a soldier retired, and studied chemistry for two years at King Saud University in Riyadh before you leave school, and in 2003, he was arrested for trying to enter Iraq to fight the Americans, and the release from prison after nine months, go to Yemen.




In another matter has nothing to do with fighting and politics, which fill the newspapers, we read in the newspaper "Sunday Times" reported on a pilot test can calculate the remaining period of the life of individuals.




The paper shows that the test involves exposing the skin to a laser beam through a device similar to the hour hand, this is calculated how Sérm to the person's body with age and that through the analysis of the membrane lining cells, located in the most delicate blood vessels and capillaries.




The paper draws out that the measurement of the oscillations in the cells, scientists can calculate the remaining period until death, is expected within three years to be available to physicians easy-to-use model of the measuring device.



U.S. officials reveal Qaeda leaders use modern technology methods of communication, including






Baghdad / follow News: U.S. officials revealed in Washington, Sunday, additional details about the exploitation of al-Qaeda leaders of modern technology in order to coordinate their positions and supervision of the armed operations of the organization.




The new information says that it unveiled a global media and pursued by the agency "News", "The al-Qaida leaders communicated via coded messages system features multiple entry points, allowing for a large number of people to participate in the dialogue."




He adds that "the discussions that took place between the al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of a branch organization in the Arabian Peninsula Nasser Louhichi, shows through the latter and he knows al-Zawahri with his plan without the intention of taking its approval."




He said U.S. officials asked not to be named, said that "Louhichi feet imaginable about the plan of attack approved by al-Zawahiri, and he did not ask permission from Zawahiri to perform the operation, but was only knows."




They pointed out that al-Qaeda resorted to sophisticated methods to communicate with each other, they exceeded telephony, and resorted to the so-called "meetings via virtual reality", and that "others are likely to be driving has benefited from the forums affiliates, in addition to the means of social communication" .




U.S. officials have revealed earlier in the monitoring of confidential between the call Zawahiri and Louhichi raised the concerns of the U.S. administration and a major terrorist scheme, prompting the closure of embassies in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa on the fourth of August now.

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