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Barzani threatens the organization of al Qaeda to fight in defense of Syria's Kurds

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Barzani threatens the organization of al Qaeda to fight in defense of Syria's Kurds


 Saturday, August 10, 2013


Threatened the President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq he called terrorists belonging to al-Qaeda, referring to the front of the victory and the state of Iraq and the Levant Islamic address to confront them to Krad Syria, stressing that the province سيسخر all its potentials for the defense of women, children and innocent citizens "in Kurdistan Bank" in Syria.

This came in a letter addressed Barzani to the Preparatory Committee for the National Conference Kurdish, which is preparing for the conference in Erbil on 24 of the current month for representatives of the Kurdish forces in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey after reports indicated that the gunmen front and the state killing and injuring Kurdish citizens of innocent people in Syria and their announcement the face of Kurdish citizens and their exposure to the civilian population and the slaughter of women and children Kurds.  Barzani asked in a letter to the Committee visit "West Kurdistan and the investigation into the veracity of these reports in order to take the necessary measures against armed attacks on the Kurds of Syria."


Barzani said in his letter:
‎ ‎
"A warm greeting ...
 Since the newspapers tell us and a number of political and media centers set of talking about the news that terrorists in western Kurdistan public announcement horn against Kurdish citizens, and subsidiarity terrorists to al-Qaeda attacking the civilian population, and they slaughter innocent women and children Kurds.  To uncover the truth of this news, I invite you to form a special committee to visit the Kurdistan West and investigation on the news. ‎ If the health of the news emerged, showing that citizens, women and children of innocent Kurds are under the threat of murder and terrorism, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq will make fun of all its capabilities to defend the women and children and innocent citizens of the Kurds in Western Kurdistan. 


Massoud Barzani
 President of Kurdistan "

The Barzani had called last month in his name, and the name of the Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Jalal Talabani, the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, currently imprisoned in Turkey, called on political parties and Kurdish forces to participate in the Almatmralqoma explaining that the aim of the conference is to reach a common strategy collect all Kurdish political parties.
. The "protection units of the Kurdish people" in Syria, has announced the end of last month, "clarion year" in the face of regulations "jihad" affiliated with al Qaeda after the assassination of Kurdish official Issa Hissou in the northeast of the country. Said in a statement that it "calls clarion year, and invites everyone is able to take up arms to engage in their ranks, to protect areas under their control from attacks by fighters of the state of Iraq and the Levant, the Islamic Front victory. "
. It is said that Jesus Hissou was a founding member of the Democratic Union Party and a member of the executive committee, that the Council was created by a popular western Kurdistan to be a member in the office of the presidency and then a member of the General Committee of diplomatic relations in the upper body Kurdish.
. And escalated in recent clashes between victory and Front fighters, "the state of Iraq and the Levant" on the one hand and armed units of the protection of the Kurdish people, which resulted in the control units on the predominantly Kurdish areas in Syria.
. And Kurdish fighters took control of the border crossing, which connects the Ras al-Ain region in Turkey, following clashes amid reports about the intention of the Democratic Union Party to form a government in the areas under his Ankara sparking concern of a possible Kurdish secessionist entity on its borders. ‎
 In 25 of the last month, the newspaper quoted a "Hawlati" Iraqi Kurdish Interior Ministry in the Kurdistan Regional Government that this government is not capable of preventing the youth of the region to go to Syria with the aim of "jihad" but advising them not to be naive and not to throw themselves to doom.
 She explained that the statistics units protect the people of the Democratic Union Party of Kurdistan indicate that the number of young people coming from the Kurdistan region to join the "forces of Islamic jihad" in Syria has exceeded the hundreds, and many of them were captured by the protection units during the clashes with "Front victory" and "State of Iraq and the Levant."
 The protection units have tried to mobilize as much of their energy and their supporters in the fight against the "victory" and "state" and recent days have seen bloody clashes in Ras al-Ain Tel white and محيطهما resulted in dozens of deaths from both sides and was broken by mutual kidnappings.
The local council of the Kurdish National Council and "Parliament for West Kurdistan" of the Democratic Union had agreed to "declaration victory Front and the state of Iraq and the Levant and all the battalions that fall under the saw them terrorist groups."  The two sides said in their agreement that "the ongoing military conflict is only against extremist groups and the Kurdish areas is a red line not be compromised in the event of any attacks from extremist fundamentalist groups, the responsibility for defending rests with everyone."
" And at the same level it was announced a senior Iraqi Kurdish official Syrian Kurds trained in the camps of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by Kurdish forces "to fill any security vacuum after the fall of the Syrian regime." He dominated Hawrami Foreign Relations Office official in the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani that "young Syrian Kurds number very few were trained in rudimentary training camps in the region."  He added in an interview with Agence France-Presse that the training received by the Syrian Kurds at the hands of Kurdish forces aim to fill any security vacuum after the fall of the Syrian regime.  For his part, the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Union Party in Syria favor of Muslim The training received by the Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan "was the order of protection," but he kept on the idea of
​​allowing them to enter Syria again.



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19:18 08/10/2013

Barzani Aukd the Kurdistan ready to defend Syria's Kurds

Follow-up - and babysit - The head of Iraq's Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani prepare the province for the defense of Syrian Kurds in the event of any threat to their lives there, calling for the formation of a committee to investigate the facts in the attacks to which they are exposed.

 He said Barzani in a letter sent to the Preparatory Committee for the National Conference Kurdish received news agency public opinion, a copy of which today, "a while ago tell us newspapers and a number of centers of political and media group News talking about the terrorists in western Kurdistan declaring clarion year against Kurdish citizens, and that terrorists belonging to the Al-Qaeda attack the civilian population and innocent and they slaughter women and children of the Kurds. "

 "But uncover the truth of these reports, I invite you to form a special committee to visit the western Kurdistan and investigation about this news."

 Barzani stressed "if the health of the news emerged, showing that citizens, women and children of innocent Kurds are under the threat of murder and terrorism, the Kurdistan region of Iraq will make fun of all its capabilities to defend the women and children and innocent citizens of the Kurds in Western Kurdistan."

 Many of the Kurdish figures confirmed the deaths of hundreds of Kurds and the abduction of others by Front victory and the so-called State of Iraq and the Levant in the Islamic northern Syria.



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Barzani threatened to intervene to protect the Kurds from Syria "slaughter" rule




Baghdad / File News: threatened Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, on Saturday, to intervene to defend the Syrian Kurds if it is proved being threatened by al-Qaeda, as he emphasized that sent representatives Kurds to Syria to investigate reports that "al-Qaida terrorists" who slaughter women and children Kurds " .


Barzani said in a statement obtained by the agency, "News", "The Kurdistan Iraq سيسخر all its capabilities to defend women and children, and Alocard innocent citizens in Western Kurdistan if it is proved that they are under the threat of murder and terrorism."


Barzani added that "the Kurdish areas of western part of the large contiguous territory from Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran, with the largest ethnic group does not have a state."


Barzani gave no details about the nature or extent of possible intervention on the part of Kurdistan, explaining that "the statement was taken to a preparatory committee of the Kurdish National Congress scheduled to be held in the northern Kurdish city of Arbil later this month."


The committee includes envoys from Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Barzani asked this committee to form another committee heading to Syria.


Referred to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which has an independent government and armed forces, especially its independent policies increasingly in the areas of energy and foreign affairs, raising the ire of the federal government in Baghdad, and sent Iraqi Kurds food aid and medical supplies and fuel to the people of their nationality across the border in Syria, more than Barzani's influence, but a statement on Saturday apparently was the first, which includes a proposal to intervene.


This represents a statement another indication of the extent of the ongoing conflict for more than two years in Syria and its impact on the sectarian tensions in neighboring countries, where the advantage of Syria's Kurds weak grip of President Bashar al-Assad on Syrian territory and set up practically self-rule in the far northeast of the country where the population is concentrated Kurds, but also clashed with fighters jihadists years Atzamon uprising against Assad.


The Kurds, about 10% of the population of Syria, and they have been subjected to discrimination under the rule of Bashar al-Assad and his father before him who was stripped of more than 100 thousand of their nationality, and for some Kurds, Syrians, the uprising against Assad is an opportunity to gain a measure of rights enjoyed by their neighbors in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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We've said it often enough .... "do not pi$$ off The Kurds !


The GOI has pushed them to remain a loyal part of the country,

but Barzani insisted that they would require inclusion and all rights and privileges and

equitable treatment in dispensation of assets....


Now they demand equal protection as well... invoking the evil maliki to put-up-or-shut-up...


because they're about to take the law into their own hands up there.


Poignant threat to maliki - as The Kurds recognize he sides with Iran and their protection and

support of the al Qaeda forces.


Thus pointing out the fact that is why they have to do it themselves - as maliki's "failure" to eradicate

them in the rest of Iraq is proof positive of his allegiance to them over the people of Iraq.



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