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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Sorry Thug, you'll have to use the back door!


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I have to admit that something needs to be done to get young men to pull their pants up.

Some even have the nerve to wear dirty underwear.

Self respect starts inside yourself then you should show respect to others around you.


Alittle more conservative dress in public is welcome to me!


I see nothing wrong with taking the "thug" out of a decent establishment where families go.

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They reserve the right to refuse service don't they?  Their prerogative, right?


"No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service".


They just went about it the wrong way with the wording...


Should have read "Appropriate Attire Required After 8:00 P.M." or something like it...


and kept Black jackets at the Hostess desk for customers who are not dressed "appropriately".


Sooner or later, some thug will not feel comfortable in the "house" jacket, and if they like the

food & ambience enough, as this fellow claims he does,

will conform to the standards of the place and

come back dressed accordingly in order to maintain that ambience for the good of all the patrons.


If we ran a lovely little Tea & Cakes Shoppe and somebody walked in naked as a Jaybird or had a boombox

blaring what we considered music not fit for the ambience of our little Shoppe, we would hope

to reserve the right to request they conform or

find a Nudist/Clothing Optional Tea Shoppe or a Discoteque Tea Joint.


If you go to the zoo to see the lovely animals and the monkey throws sh*t at you,

it still doesn't mean you can throw sh*t back at the animals.  It's "just not done", dontcha know. :P

Whilst at the zoo, you must behave accordingly.

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