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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

VIP - 1 month membership ??

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My 6 month VIP membership expires soon


When I try to renew my subscription -


It will not let me do one month -


It will only let me do 6 months -


I need help resolving this issue -


Thanks -

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If you had 6 months before then why are you not doing 6 months now? OHH you know it  will RV in August for sure. Tell the truth what day can we expect it?


Any day now - any day now - My Moron contact told me so -

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I am sure that there are lots of benefits to this VIP Membership which I hear about all the time.


Notification of the RV (IF & WHEN) it does happen is NOT one of them.


I wake up every morning, take the dog out, make the coffee, and watch the news. If there is an RV then that is where I expect to receive my notification. I check my e-mails much later in the day.


As 4 cashing in: I am sure that if this thing revalues there will be no shortage of banks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that will be more than willing to accept a large deposit minus the fees, and at the very best rate available.


Just my humble opinion. :)

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gymrat - you have no idea what you'll be missing!   Just saying.........


Do you recall how many days passed before the national news said one little peep about Ch 7 being lifted?    Yep, it was several days, and then you had to go looking for it.   I wouldn't count on the news sources to give me a head's up on something this important.  

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