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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

my Mormon contact resurfaced - SKR is real -


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I want to stop something now before it gets out of hand. :angry:


NORTEC and Luigi1 are NOT the same. Let me say that again, NORTEC and Luigi1 are not the same person.


Do you understand what I am saying?  I will not tell you how I know but just understand that YOU are wrong.


Anyone that continues to post antagonistic remarks toward either of these members will be put on Mod Review.


They are free to post their opinions but you are NOT free to bash them or try to start a bullying session against them.




Hi TexasGranny


I know we read the Rumors at our own risk, and I do appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


When a member re-posts Guru posts from other sites without acknowledging it as a Guru re-post in the headline, thousands of people can click the link only to find it is actually the opinion of TerryK, TNT Tony, Bluwolf, TNT Tony, TerryK, not the poster. Most DV members who re-post this type of opinion typically include the Guru name in the headline and I respect them for doing that.


Thanks for all you do on this site.

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Sounds like a whale of a lie.


Maybe you can drop in a prayer for the mormon or moron to get over his mental handicap.


Even if I was in control of a big bank. And the President, United Nations, IMF etc etc all told me it was happening tomorrow. I still would wait until it actually happened before fronting any money.

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You're a great Person Nadita..... And you have a special  generous Heart. Ciao my Friend.

Let's rewrite that ( with a little change in the title) for the Gurus......

Thank you, Umb.. hey I started a blog lol  will send you the address if you want to follow me ;) 

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- OK - I take this serious - but treat as a Rumor -


- I wasn't sure if I should post this  - but what the heck -


- my Mormon contact called me last night -


- he stated that he is under a NDA from a certain bank -


- He did trade in his Dinars (50,000,000) for a SKR promissary note - I guess he's a whale -


- He stated that he received a 5% upfront exchange deposit in his bank account -


- That he did receive a fixed rate for his Dinars ( but wouldn't say how much the rate was) -


- But - He and his family, would be set for many future generations -


- He did say that a personal banked is assigned to him and that he had to open a brokerage account -


- He stated - that the end of Ramadan is when the RV would happen -


- After the call - I was so charged up - I danced around the house -


- God Bless You All - Make sure you thank The Father in Heaven -




Hope your right....But I aint buyin it........

Check the OP's profile ...............$4.$$ +   yeah right!

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If I could exchange my dinar and receive 5% of its future value rigth now at a rate of at least .10c

I would in a second.


I would then buy back the same amount that I had and pocket the difference.


Lets say you have 10M IQD at .10c = 1M USD * 5% = 50K in your pocket.


You just keep 40K in your pocket and buy back 10M IQD at 10K.


just do the math

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