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Obama accused some Republicans of obstructing useful projects and ignore economic problems

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Thursday, July 25, 2013
Accused U.S. President Barack Obama, some Republicans obstructing pass useful projects for the U.S. economy, as well as ignoring the economic problems in America. 
and Obama delivered a speech at the Institute, "Knox" Illinois American touched in which the achievements of his administration of economic achievements, pledging further efforts in order to correct everything is supposed corrected in order to improve the economic situation the U.S. more and more. 
Obama said that after 5 years from the start of recession managed America back on track, pointing out that the achievements of the management of health care and increase the provision of jobs and others. 
added that thanks to the determination and design Americans managed America's shift rubble of the economic crisis, began to lay the foundations for a new stronger economic growth and lasts more. 
stressed that America as a country has recovered and made ​​more than any developed country more likely in the world, but he explained that the work is not over and must be further efforts. 
said that the increasing inequality of opportunity, it is not morally wrong, but also is bad economically, "When you can not be for the middle class to spend much means that he does not have the company's consumers many." 
He stressed that the main priority now is to correct the situation and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. He said, "Unfortunately, in recent years, did not ignore Washington this problem, but also increased the matters worse." 
and accused some Republicans in Congress to block projects, such as the immigration bill, the benefit for the U.S. economy and contribute to the solution of economic problems. 
, he added, instead of seeking to reduce the deficit , through a truncated programs do not need it, and fix what needs to be repaired, and make government more effective, there is people insist on maintaining what hurt growth and the army and the affect on education, scientific research and medical services. 
continued that under the sources Altchtbt multi knocked Washington appointed the ball "But I am here to say there was no need for this to stop." He stressed that the situation does not require short-term thinking, and we must focus on the key economic issues of interest to the majority of the people. He stressed that the focus will be on the priorities the President and the middle class because without them no resources to solve problems. 
, Obama said he would work with Republicans and Democrats, and expressed his belief that there are members in both parties understand the situation and know what is at stake, expressing his willingness to listen to the ideas of anyone the political spectrum."We will do all that is possible wherever he is, with or without Congress, to achieve things." (those are called Executive Orders)
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His executive pen is powerless.


Check Our Articles, Our Declaration, Our Constitution.


He needs to be "checked" on this, but good.


Stand up to him, Patriots.


This evil tool needs to move to Iran with the evil maliki.

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