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Newbiee - History of Rags to Richess to Rags

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Hello All,

I'm a ex navy officer (O-5) who served in Bahrain for a couple of years in 2002-2003. While there an E-7 I was working with told me about the Iraq Dinar investment. I had recently re-upped and had $10K burning a hole in my pocket, so I put it all down in dinar. I think I bought about $14M, but between deployments I stashed it all in a safety deposit box in my hometown, and haven't been back to count it. To be honest, I forgot about it, that is until my Ex Commanding Officer contacted me a few weeks back and told me things may be popping soon. Thus, I've anxious to join this group.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, in the mid 1990's, I had heavly invested in property in Maricopa county, suburb of of the fastest growing areas in the US. Long story short, a $90K invest at one point was valued at close to $3.6M. You know what happen then, the housing crash. Of course I held it all the way up and all the way down. At one point I also had close to $1m in stocks, again, all the way up and all the way down (but it is back to $400k). I even bought into a medical service business...yup, it's on the verge of going belly up. So...just a warning, if I seem a bit skeptical in my posts, you can understand why. Taking $10K and making millions is beyond my ability to they say, hope isn't overcoming experience.

I do also want to mention that I have an undergradute degree in Finance and Economics and a MBA. I've traveled to 75 countries, done Gov't business in 35 and stationed in 6. With that said, I'm at a loss to explain currency values. For example, when I was stationed in Iceland in the early 1990's I could not understand how a small country (pop 350,000), who's only claim to fame was fish and geo/hydro power (that can't be exported) could have such a high currency & standard of living. Last year, the walls came crashing down for that country, it was all an illusion. Likewise, when I was stationed in Belize a few years ago, their currency is pegged to the US$1, while most of the other central american countries are not...again, they have a higher standard of living that almost any other CA country, how can they do it?

When I see people that have $250 investment and hoping to make several brings vesions of people buying lotto tickets at the local 7-11. I bought, because I knew it was a speclative investment, if I made 10% a year great, if I didn't I'd have something to give the grandchildren later in life.

Anyway...that's me. I look forward to being educated and hope I can had something positive to the forum.

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14 mi, I'm new here as well but not new to the speculation of dinar. so far on this site I have seen much bashing of others opinions and not much solid fact. I hope it changes but we will see. As for dinar, I have been invested for a little while and really don't expect to make millions. It would be nice but experience tells me it will be much less than most people expect. if the dinar revalues and anything above .26 it will surprise me. I will be happy but I'll also be surprised. Thank you for your post and I will remain optimistic.

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