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With the blessing of Iran. Barzani and Maliki agree to share power in Baghdad

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With the blessing of Iran. Barzani and Maliki agree to share power in Baghdad


 Baghdad/Orr news


Political sources revealed on an agreement between the region's President Massud Barzani, during his recent visit to Baghdad with Chief alzraa Minister Nouri al-Maliki on the formation of a political alliance that ensures survival at the helm of four years.


Political sources said that Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan region discussed during his recent visit to Baghdad, the subject of his Presidency rather than Talabani, revealing at the same time a went to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to give influential personalities important positions in Government that presides over the Council of Ministers.


Sources close to the Iraqi list to Barzani and Maliki reached an agreement to ensure the commitment of the parties, a political alliance in the coming period to enable them to remain in Office, noting that "recent Baghdad visit Barzani came for this purpose and not as announced to discuss and follow up the agreements reached by the two sides on the outstanding issues between the Central Government and the Government of the territory."


The source added that rapprochement between the two sides came against the backdrop of growing popular opponents of Barzani, who have Turkish and international support, especially the movement "ﮔLuran ", as well as Al-Maliki's allies objected to that provision of the current third term. sources noted that" Maliki demanded Kurdish support for his Prime Minister a third session for approval yet Barzani Presidency. "sources also revealed that the Al-Maliki went to influential figures given important positions in the Government, which worried the leaders and prominent figures in the Government.


The Kurdish leader said Iran is currently working to convince President Barzani to run for chairmanship of the powerful Shiite urges Iraq to support this trend and are basically pushed Al-Maliki to visit Kurdistan and the normalization of its relations with Barzani, who is visiting Baghdad to discuss with the National Alliance, led by Al-Maliki's bloc. Kurdish leader said that Iranian scenario seeks to achieve two basic objectives: the first is the protection and continued growing influence in Iraq, as well as maintain its role within the political map in Iraq through Shiite and Kurdish powers approximation and normalize their relations on the one hand, as well as establishing a new Iraqi President sympathized with her other hand, the second objective of the Iranian scenario and most importantly is the Valley of the Kurdish dream of an independent Kurdish State in Iraq.


He added: "all this it is clear that Iran is adopting this scenario, which succeeded until now, seeking to keep the Turkish influence Barzani region through to Baghdad, and now there is a real divergence indicators Barzani on Turkey and further with the rapprochement with Iran."


Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani arrived in Baghdad, Sunday, at the head of a delegation of the Government of the territory to discuss outstanding issues with the Central Government, in response to Maliki's visit to Arbil in early almardi, which the two sides reached a number of agreements and understandings after a period of estrangement and sharp differences.

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This is an interesting development to say the least.  While I am not clear as to what direction they are going.  When they speak of sharing power in Baghdad I lean towards Barzani taking Talabani's position and Maliki has no problem with it, as he will get yet another term in leadership as Prime minister.  OR they are extending both their seats for two years.....Iran is giving it their blessing.


Why Iran?  Why Turkey?  They are connected to both leaders.  

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I just got all warm & gooey knowing that Iran has blessed this " relationship ". Can't we nuke them [ Iran ] or invade them or surround them or squeeze the cider out of their Adams' Apple ?


God, these miscreants are such a nuisance. Of what clear benefit is Iran to the rest of the Planet ? Hhmm, let's see. They have LOTS of Sand & some Palm Trees. Oh wait ! I think we got some of those things right here in the States !


Right then, that's settled. With all that sand I'm sure we could open up a glass blowing facility.


NEXT . . . :peace:




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Whilst it may appear Barzani is climbing into bed with the dog maliki, all is not as it appears....


maliki is Iran's little whipping boy...


Barzani is hardly a stupid man --- merely subscribing to "keep your enemies even closer"... ;)


Our fear is that he may get fleas from the dog maliki.




kill the maliki. :angry:

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