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All this talk about Chapter 7, dropping zeros, increasing the exchange rate, etc. really doesn't matter if their money supply is at 30 Trillion IQD, as they claim. Chapter 7 was a big step forward but IMO it would be impossible for Iraq to RV with that much money outstanding. I hope and pray that these numbers are skewed and that they have been reducing money supply. I'm not being negative here but if they are telling the truth, this ride is far from over. I feel certain that this currency speculation & the ISX will payoff in time. Hopefully before the end of the year.

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you can't increase the value with that much dinar, but what they have been saying is not the whole truth.  If it was the whole truth, why pull the M0 numbers many years back. It's because they realize that not even the smartest mathmatician in the entire universe can solve the equation without all the values to input into that equation.  Smart on their part, keeps everyone guessing, doubting, and at bay until the time is right to unveil what they are going to really do.  And from the progress the last few weeks, with all the articles coming out IMO we are about to find out what the whole truth is.  

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how can you increase the value of 30 trillion dinar ??? they don't have enough reserves to cover that... especially at 1 to 1...



are they stating 30 trillion dinar at 1160 rates , or  could this be something like  30 trillions dinars  divided by ----- 3  gives us 10 trillion ,  all this speculation gives me , a crazy  effect  lol  ,   but wonder if they did put  a skewed  number of dinar in the mix ,  we know they have dinar in country that is ratty and not very good ------ if they have 30 trillion why do they have crappy bills in the streets ?  all of this dinar stuff kicks me ,,,  and the taken zero`s off the notes 25,ooo  and the 10,ooo  and  even the 50  ---  worth .50 cents ---- we all know that politicians are crooked to some degree ,, some better than others ,,,, but look back to when all of this currency play was thought up,,,  some one had to be thinking  wayyyyy ahead ,  it was shown in the oil contracts , that we will purchase oil at 40 dollars a barrel or something to that fact,  now why would those same spinners of political minds  let dinar go so low and back up ,  and not have a hand in the pie { so to speak }  I have to believe all of the goverments that have dealt with Iraq in some way or other , has dinar stashed , and I can also imaging they will not let it l,o,p, ....  25,000 too 25 .oo   why :shrug:    some one had to buy those bills ,  and they also had to put the spin of re-valuation into p[lay with the c.b.i. and g.o.i   there must be a lot of back door operations still in effect  { all I can do is just guess and hope , they pull out at 1 too 1 ratio per dinar  no l,o,p,  }   lets keep the positive spin on the articles and replys just in case they are watching   lol 

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