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Got a verbal warning, not sure why, who and how do I ask

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It was your report, you stated "GOING to start a riot"....I jumped the gun on it...


After reviewing the thread, I found it was not there, so I likely would not have issued the warning....we have had many instances of folks hijacking threads to start a fight so to speak....


I will continue to watch the thread for any sign of bad behavior

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Got a 'Verbal' warning.  Not sure I deserved it, i may have, I just want to know why, and what i did.  How do I get ahold of the moderator?  Or someone who can clear this up for me.  Thanks!


Lets face it you're a punk and trouble maker so start walking a straight line there Mr Man!!!! :rulez:  :rulez:

Or Sheriff Eagle will have no choice but to stand his ground :cowboy:  :cowboy1:  :cowboy:








P.s. this is what they mean by thread hi-jacking...... OK nothing more to see here lets move on folks.....

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