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Shredd] with this news over the past few days, I'm very excited !

[alreadyblessed] Shredd wonderful

[marjans] if Shredd is excited...then so am I

[shredd] hard not to be marjans!

[marjans] Shredd indeed

[shredd] the news over the past few days shows us so much of what is to come

[marjans] and its coming fast too!

[shredd] agreed

[therealbubbie] [shredd] with this news over the past few days, I'm very excited! *hallelujah*

[shredd] the articles are saying there is an expectation to remove the zeros and that project includes a rate of at or near a buck. Remember last spring? The government was the force behind holding up the zeros project now, THEY are saying GIT R DUN, when you have the Finance Committee saying now is the time saying "force" the project

[therealbubbie] shredd= E.F HUTTON!!!!! WHEN HE SPEAKS EVERYONE LISTEN'S !!!!!

[shredd] yes, and what is great is Maliki is publically saying he welcomes investment and trade, the overbearing message is in the context of Iraq now being out of chapter VII, this is expected

[tlm724] Shredd yes and he said the banking system is sound

[shredd] the dinar being Iraq's currency

[shredd] tlm724 yes and great article saying TBI is capitalized to a trillion in just ten years also, the tax benefits offered by the government is key folks. Tax protection for investments is HUGE "no taxes or fees" and this will be a cost for Iraq but they welcome it

[shredd] the Iraq bubble has started the dinar is going to gain power and prestige soon

[tlm724] Shredd that bubble is growing everyday ! its gonna bust any minute

[shredd] yes, I was referring to an investment dubai.....kinda like an investment bell curve

[tlm724] Shredd I was too , banks flooding in shredders

[shredd] yes and more to come

[tlm724] you bet !

[shredd] I mean, you wait just a few months and your competitive edge may be gone. so fast and furious

[tlm724] Citi opened the flood gates

[therealbubbie] Shredd they told the world what was about to happen!!! speculators must be biting at the bit !!

[shredd] also, tlm724 I loved that article that talked about how when the reserves were 10bn the rate was 1200-1300 and now with 76bn it hasn't moved great article....again saying today's rate is ridiculous

[tlm724] Shredd yes they were making a huge statement with that ! They are embarrassed with the current status of the dinar. They want the dinar to meet up with their new prestige before the world !

[shredd] yes and the great article Player46 posted about the paper dinar issues must be removed as well, same for counterfeiting....the new dinar solves all of that. It's expected by the govt

[tlm724] demanded !

[shredd] "force" and we know what happens if the cbi governor don't do his job, so tick tock, it's upon us

[tlm724] dayum straight !

[dealerdean] *hallelujah*

[shredd] my expectation on timing of the movement on the dinar rate has changed due to all this news in the past two days.....the project of the zeros requires a rate at or near a buck

[tlm724] Shredd chapter 7 release has elevated Iraq to a new level and the dinar is right behind it !

[shredd] the rate can move independently of the project but the project cannot move without a par rate or better. Folks, if you just look at what is being told to us in the news these past few days, you can see that we are not going to be waiting years or even several months with the dinar being undervalued like it is and massive reserves, NEW gold

[tlm724] Shredd the oil and gas law was critical to have a sound plan for the country, I think that was a missing link to the whole thing

[shredd] agreed timmy, agreed indeed !

[tlm724] no doubt

[shredd] and that gold and black gold will be huge with Iraq being a lender which is where big bucks can be made

[tlm724] going to be pumping 4 million bpd here soon

[rsp1] I know they haven't passed the oil and gas law yet....but they are working on it...

[tlm724] rsp1 malaki and barzani kissed over it yesterday so done

[rsp1] doesn't it have to be gazetted?

[tlm724] it's just a formality now

[rsp1] ok, thanks

[tlm724] yqw

[therealbubbie] Maliki and Barzani agree to pass a law of oil and gas Published: Monday, 08 July 2013 Huda Jassim, agencies (Union) agreed that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki today with the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, Iraq to work to resolve differences between the two sides. Al-Maliki said at a joint press conference in the green city fortified central Baghdad "our differences and agreed to work to pass laws in Parliament, especially the stalled oil and gas law". Barzani said "we agreed on cooperation and joint action and address threats to Iraq and the region", adding that "this is something we regard as a national duty." Barzani arrived in Baghdad yesterday morning at the head of a high-ranking delegation to discuss outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, in the first visit in three years. Barzani's visit to Baghdad, complementary to the visit of the President of the regional government nechirvan Barzani's recent to the Iraqi capital, to discuss the outstanding issues between the two sides, as well as the budget law and the law of oil and gas, the peshmerga and the security in the disputed areas.

[tlm724] therealbubbie *hallelujah*

[tlm724] therealbubbie article 140, erbil agreement right there too

[shredd] therealbubbie such an amazing article, just reading through it again

[tlm724] the news gets better everyday !!

[shredd] tlm724 yes

[shredd] for maliki and barzani to resolve outstanding issues, especially article 140 is amazing. The timing of the kurds to resolve issues is huge

[tlm724] Shredd I am stting here thinking about all that Bondlady has taught us over the years and what we should look for and here it is upon us this day, incredible !!!

[shredd] tlm724 truly

[tlm724] marjans its hard not to be excited ! We are witnessing history !

[shredd] tlm724 back to the project to remove zeros, Turki hasn't come out with a counter for the government's push. imo, arrangements being made

[tlm724] Shredd no I don't expect one to be honest, it will be quiet for just a bit I would imagine

[shredd] right not only did we get to dust off the "list" when Chap VII was removed we can now get ready to scratch off Aritcle 140

[tlm724] Shredd yes it's all done imo , art 140, completion of the Erbil agreement , oil and gas law

[therealbubbie] Shredd do you think we are closer than ever before !! like it's right there for the taking !!

[shredd] ok, so Maliki may be politcally motivated here to push for what will benefit his country

[lightingcslt] tlm724 done but not gazetted yet

[tlm724] lightingcslt right

[shredd] therealbubbie after the news of the last few days around the project to delete the zeros as well as the investment and tax law....very exciting

[tlm724] it makes sense to have their ducks in a row (laws) if for nothing else for self preservation . I mean not only do these laws protect say investors and how the oil profits are divided etc.. they also protect Iraq. It's like okay lets sign this contract / MOU Canada and later we will work out the details, not smart business, just sayin

[shredd] it's all connected, investment greases the wheels of any economy

[bondLady] yes it has EVERYTHING to do with investors ! The HCl and Chapter 7 removal is exactly what has stopped huge conglomerates from investing in Iraq. Who wants to go invest millons and billons of dollars in a country that doesn't have the laws in place to protect the investors and why would they come to a place when you couldn't deal with them internationally ?

[bondLady] some do yes, but the massive flow in, now and after HCL, will be unbelieveable, it's the last frontier for investors imo. Uncharted territory ...

[therealbubbie] [shredd] therealbubbie after the news of the last few days around the project to delete the zeros as well as the investment and tax law....very exciting.. *hallelujah*

[shredd] yes...let me add to that if I may. For financial products, soooooooooooooooo many are incorporated in the cayman islands, why? tax treatments and........ for any financial institution to be a party to these instruments like my bank is they have to be co-issued domestically, most are in Delaware, why? tax treatments,taxes are huge and for Iraq to waive taxes and "fees" to welcome investment is huge now, let me add this too..... Iraq is virtually non-existant in the financial product market because they have not gone into Article VIII of the IMF I've studied it and it basically allows free trade and exchange in a nutshell

[shredd] and once that takes place..... all this tax treatment and welcoming of investment from Maliki and others will finally make the rubber hit the road and this isn't going to take months folks all heads turned June 27th the good kind of chaos is going on now a scurry of investment is getting ready it's a bubble coming similar to Dubai as of late but this race can't actually start till Iraq moves into VIII of the IMF there isn't a long list of deliverables, this is upon us

[shredd] that is why we see the expectation of the central bank to have a sovereign currency representing a new sovereign democracy, it's all connected, article 140 moving FINALLY!! the smart cards are working everything is moving forward fast and the current dinar isn't.........the new dinar will come along with all this forward motion and the new country Iraq is becoming before our eyes

[shredd] removing the zeros ...... increase the all doors for investment , implement tax benefits.....move into Article VIII of the IMF and allow free trade and exchange it's all connected and moving all before our eyes ! Barzani and Maliki in agreement, the Finance Committee and government saying move forward with the currency exchange when just a year ago, they were saying hold off the news in the past few days is amazing we have said, Iraq is now in a whole new world....a fully sovereign democracy and this all comes with it. (ok, i'm done cheering)

[bondLady] tyvm everyone

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