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5 Years to Implement CustomsTariffs?

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Salam Al-Maliki: we're giving the Government five years to implement the customs tariff
07-07-2013 11:48 AM



Baghdad (newsletter).Member of the Committee said economic and investment representative Abdel Salam Al-Maliki that his Government granted a specific time limit of five years for the introduction of the law on customs tariff after the Committee was briefed on the law and submitted to the Government for some recommendations.

He said the State law in a statement to media library: ' what compels us to delay the work of the customs tariff is 5 outlets are not under the control of the Federal Government being a Kurdistan ', calling on the Government to put these ports under the control of the Federal Government to control so there is no contradiction or conflict in the work ports.

He added: "the Government is involved in the development of solutions to be implemented at the border crossings under its control or outside, indicating that the members of the Committee agreed to lift a set of recommendations to resolve it so that there is no variation or duplication in the work of ports as it is very necessary to unite all the 13 outlets located throughout Iraq in terms of goods entry procedures streamlined and accountable for access controls and taxation so burdened with the merchant in the province Without the other.

View Al-Maliki: this requires the Government to study the situation and adopt the Committee's recommendations and to develop a programme and a plan to resolve the issue with the territory until all ports under the control of the Federal Government and the territory is committed to help the Centre develop controls and conditions on imported materials, stressing the need to focus on the importance of the work of the border through which all materials and goods to the country.

He noted: the bad goods is unacceptable and that the policy of flooding the market trader and the citizen and the economy of the country, as well as that there are goods bearing nuclear radiation cannot enter chaabi materials cannot be imported, pointing to the importance of focusing on the certificate of origin on goods entering, indicating that control the entry of goods is subject to Federal Government control and commands are linked to the response of the Government of the territory to help CentreCalled on to weigh the interests of citizens and the country that require these ports to control the gateway open however, uncontrolled greedy/finished/LM/







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