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Brokers dollar pay 25 thousand dinars to enter the bank through the back door


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Brokers dollar pay 25 thousand dinars to enter the bank through the back door

Brokers dollar pay 25 thousand dinars to enter the bank through the back door

BAGHDAD / JD / .. To shorten the route, and not to engage in clashes and clashes during your review of one of the private banks to switch the dollar, there is a door select him an amount up to 25 thousand dinars to enter through it, without waiting for hours longitudinal.

this section and by what he said one Brokers sell the dollar Mohammed Azzawi told / JD /: it is called the door of administrative corruption, pay 25 thousand dinars to facilitate the process of buying the currency from the bank.

said al-Azzawi: There are two doors in most of the bank, the first official spoke in front of rage and the advantage of congestion severe either the back door of the bank advantage as the door of administrative corruption, paid a sum of money up to 25 thousand dinars to enter the bank without having to wait.

adding that the staff in the bank agree with brokers abroad to facilitate their entry after payment 5 thousand dinars for each passport.

between the amount of discharge approximately 6 millions of dinars ethnic and the exchange rate is 118 thousand dinars in bank and at discharge outside the bank the exchange rate 121 thousand dinars.

, and pointed out that the shops banking abroad you deduct the amount of 24 thousand dinars from $ 5 thousand dollars that have been discharged into the banks to be the final profit is 150 thousand have up to 300 thousand by changing the exchange rate
Mohamed said Most citizens and who are here in front of the bank are not traveling, but led them their conditions pension difficult to this type of work and take advantage of the teams currency and became a monthly salary.
said Mohammed despite overcrowding in these days on the banks but compares congestion times, which is witnessing the dollar rise in the exchange rate He explained that there is a preference for women over men, especially if it was beautiful.
was the Iraqi Central Bank has given its approval for banks eligibility to sell the dollar at the official rate.
was the Association of Iraqi banks has revealed the approval of 25 banks to sell the dollar at a rate lower than the advertiser.
said Managing Director of the Association of Banks Iraqi Abdel Aziz Hassan Hassoun in an earlier statement to Agence / JD /: initiated by the Association of private banks in Iraq to invite the member banks to contribute to the campaign reduce the price of the U.S. dollar.
said Hassoun: The 25 banks agreed to reduce the sale price of the dollar cash of 1189 to 1183, as well as reduced dollar selling rate for the purposes of opening letters of credit to 1178 instead of 1184.
pointed out that this step does not affect the price of the dollar, indicating that the market indicators now say that the dollar began to decline. / End / Hossam Ghanem /

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No idea what the gestalt of the article is saying.... HOWEVER, I DO like it very much that 25 thousand dinar is considered enough money to buy privilege, in gaining access to a back door.... I'm going to take that to mean that 25 thousand dinar is a lot of money and not just the mere 25.00 dollars worth some think it will equal when this is all said and done..... I like that thinking a lot..... actually.... :cigar:

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