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Slaughtered like Lambs

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How can this be? "Who are these guys?" What do they want? My myopic small mind just finds it dificult to believe a currency increase while this is going on. Is there an Iraq military? I have maintained a positive attitude anout the dinar, but I just don't get how they can function with this going on. And, now the US is out of it, not that O makes a move on anything. He is now big onto global warming - rated as the 21st biggest concern of Americans. Anyhow, if anybody can explain how the RV can happen with people not safe anywhere in country, I'll be glad to hear it. And, no main stream coverage on the Chap 7. How can that be? Or is Chris Matthews still cleaning the thrill that ran down his leg? Who watches this guy?

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We have suggested that due to their inability to count on a fractured in-country peace-keeping force,

that the very U.N. who has released them should send in a contingency of their own

U.N. baby-blue-helmet forces.... because we can tell you this Uncle Sam is done with their idiocy.


We need to get the hell out of there.


We cannot afford to be the muslims whipping boy in that region any longer!


If they are going to jeapordise entering the global theatre because they cannot maintain control in their

own back yard, any hope of seeing an RV which may benefit us is all but lost.

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