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Security Council vote at 7 pm Baghdad time to lift the death of Chapter VII on Iraq


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Security Council vote at 7 pm Baghdad time to lift the death of Chapter VII on Iraq

Thursday, June 27, 2013 14:49


[baghdad where]

The UN Security Council will hold at seven o'clock in the evening Baghdad time eleven am New York time look forward to meeting the eyes of the Iraqi people to consider the amendment of the sensor resolution passed in 1990 put Iraq under Chapter VII.

In particular news told all of Iraq [where] of the United Nations headquarters, the Secretariat of the United Nations published the agenda of today's meeting has included two paragraphs under the heading "The situation between Iraq and Kuwait" are

- Thirty-fifth report of the Secretary-General on paragraph 14 of Security Council Resolution No. 1284 of 1990.

- Letter dated 12 June 2013 addressed to the current UN Security Council permanent representatives of Iraq and Kuwait to the United Nations.


The letter submitted by the delegates on June 12, the day Nah Prime Minister of Kuwait visited Iraq and Touselh solve most of the problems caused by the invasion of the former Iraqi regime of Kuwait in 1990 an offer which agreement the two countries to solve these problems and that he no longer precludes raising the penalty imposed on Iraq in the Security Council resolution.

He has promised to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon display position on the UN Security Council requesting the lifting of international punishment for Iraq.

And looks Iraqis including officials at the highest levels to the meeting hoping to lift you international punishment for Iraq's return to the international community as an independent country peaceful. / End

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Thursday evening decision, and Friday + Saturday is their weekend.  IF the CBI has the lower denoms in stock (they just might, since I would NOT expect any announcements if they did, especially if an RV is the plan) and their other ducks are in a row ...  The lack of lower denom news is therefore GOOD news?


Peace and Prosperity, and trying NOT to dwell on this!

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UNSC to hold session to discuss canceling UN sanctions on Iraq Thursday

Thursday, 27 June 2013 16:18 | pdf_button.png | printButton.png | emailButton.png





Baghdad (AIN) -The UN Security Council will hold at 7 p.m, according to Baghdad local time, a session to discuss canceling the SC resolution issued in 1990 which put Iraq under the UN sanctions.

An exclusive report AIN got from the UN headquarter reported that "The UN Secretariat General published the expected session's agenda which includes two items under title (The Situation between Iraq and Kuwait which are:

-The 35th report of the UN Secretary General over the 14th item for SC No.1284 for 1990.

-The letter dated 12/June/2013 forwarded to the UNSC from the Permanent envoys for Iraq and Kuwait to the UN.)

The UNSG, Ban Ki-moon had promised to discuss this topic at the SC to lift the UN sanctions on Iraq. /End/

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