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Iraq's Inevitable Oil Boom Inevitably Attracting Global Banks

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I disagree.  One more time but I will extend it a bit more, do you honestly believe Iraq would be released from chapter 7 if it was so volatile?  I don't.




Yes, we believe they can be released...


but it should include the terms of an in-country UN Peace-keeping contingency to keep their

National Security Forces viable.  U.S should no longer do it...


If U.N is going to let them out,

then U.N. should accept responsibility and send in their baby-blue helmets.


For their own good and to keep CHAOS from breaking out in the short-term...

at least until Iraq gets her sea-legs, if you will.


Too many unsavory elements have their eyes keened-in on Iraq and her newly-found status.


She should be protected and her in-country forces are not up to the task.

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