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FBI Raid News Media After Releasing Story on Obama

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DOJ & FBI Raid News Media Offices After Releasing an Alarming Story on President Obama!
FBI Agents Load Seized Documents From the National Report's Offices
By National Report Staff
\ Within hours of publishing a scathing story on President Obama 
the DOJ raided the offices of the National Report claiming the raid was lawful under the USA Patriot Act but refusing to say why the government was taking the action.
At about 12:50 this afternoon the National Report released a damning story on the Obama birth certificate scandal providing new evidence which clearly shows the document to be fraudulent. According to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his Cold Case Posse has the evidence to prove the presidents birth certificate was computer generated using Adobe Illustrator.
Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo, revealed for the first time
that his findings have been confirmed in a 40 page report by Reed Hayes, a Certified Documents Examiner (CDE) from Hawaii. The birth certificate posted to the White House website clearly shows it was forged using cut & paste methods in several layers.
At about 2:08 pm employees at the National Report were shocked when dozens of black clad machine gun toting DOJ agents wearing black masks entered the National Report office forcing everyone to the ground while demanding they put their hands on top their heads. After securing all employees FBI agents entered and began questioning employees and seizing files and other documents.
"We did exactly as they told us," said National Report's publisher Allen
Montgomery, who added "No one knew what was happening." Its being reported that the offices of Montgomery and Editor-in-Chief Nigel Covington, were ransacked and boxes of files were seized and carted off by FBI agents.
Covington said, "This is a gross violation of our Constitutional rights as
American citizens and as journalists. All our files relating to President
Obama were seized with others including all employee personnel files."
Montgomery said federal agents did not have a warrant and offered no
explanation for the action. He added about an hour before the raid, the
National Report had released a story about the mounting evidence which confirms Obama's birth records are in fact forged. Montgomery said most employees were so shaken up by the raid he let them go home early.
More on this breaking story as it becomes available


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Phony story, phony reference to it being a newspaper/ news site. It is satire and another sad and phony attempt by a phony to garner anti-President Obama attention. This country is in serious trouble and it clearly results from the type of citizens that are becoming louder and more prevalent today. We know you've always been there but please keep hugging the shadows while most of the rest of the world continues to look forward.  Thank you, in advance.

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Phony story, phony reference to it being a newspaper/ news site. It is satire and another sad and phony attempt by a phony to garner anti-President Obama attention. This country is in serious trouble and it clearly results from the type of citizens that are becoming louder and more prevalent today. We know you've always been there but please keep hugging the shadows while most of the rest of the world continues to look forward.  Thank you, in advance.

Yes, it appears to be a phony story, thank you for bringing that to my attention. Yet, I see you are exercising your 1st Amendment rights, while telling other Americans you do not agree with not to... or to "keep hugging the shadows" very American of you.  As far as the rest of your post goes, after finding out the NSA is spying on you and every other American, seeing something like this wouldn't at least give you pause for thought? And what do you consider forward? Loss of 1st and 2nd Amendment rights that were hard won 200 some-odd years ago, and now a birthright to you and yours? You are the one who needs to wake up and see what's happening to our country. IRS targeting conservatives? What if they had been targeting a group you support or belong to? Would the governments actions still be justified? Our constitutional rights are for EVERYONE, especially those in the minority, it was designed to protect the little guy from big brother and the collective. If you wish to exercise these rights, then you must allow all other Americans to do so as well, WITHOUT question.

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But you just could'nt wait to post it thou!

Its OK we all make mistakes.

wrings mop out and watches the milk spill over into the mop bucket.

Farwould keeps a mopping so much spilled milk so little time.

I need to invest in the Kleenex corporation I'd make a mint off the repubs.

I am very happy they are collecting information because if'in yer not doing anything wrong

then what Alfred E Neuman says (what me worry)?

back when the constitution was done we had more good folks to control the evil ones

today we have more evil folks than good so we must rule with a Iron Fist!

says the government.Tell me this Mr.Gente can you stop the evil ones?

and when you say we the people can that includes them too.tisk tisk

This world is over and their is nothing anyone of us can do about it!

I am waiting for rapture then we all win!

(looks in the life book of the lamb yep I'm there)

so for now God says to follow the laws of the land and his too.

If'in those laws of the land hurt the lamb then he will destroy the wolves

that made those thats too easy! so sit back and enjoy what you have now!

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    • By Xtaxguy
      FOX FLASH NEWS this morning reported the indictment of a former military and later civilian employee for leaking top secret documents, complete with security markings, directly to a lefty on-line "news blog" using direct and encrypted online two way communications repeated over more than two years.  They contained detailed information on then current and planned operations in the mid east anti-terror campaign against targeted leadership.  The FOX report is at:
      [Sorry, I couldn't find a way to make the above address an active link; you'll have to copy it to your search bar]
      The reader replies immediately focused on the lack of an indictment of the reporter, and a few pointed out that SCOTUS seemed to protect news media reporting no matter what citing the NY Times Viet Nam era Ellsburg case, which sort of exempted media unless that paid for the information in some manner.  At first blush the facts of this case seem to be very distinguishable from that case.  Here we have two people, one a government agent with a clearly inappropriate top secret code word access job, and a like minded an anti-American ideologue well known for his willingness to expose secret materials [charges have previously been brought against several of his leak sources].  Leaking classified materials, or aiding in that activity are felonies.  Conspiracy to commit one or more felonies with others is itself a felony, usually with harsher penalties than the underlying felony itself.  Given their ongoing communications as reported by FOX, the existence of a criminal conspiracy seems to me to be as clear as day.  The question is: whether the media discloser of the information is exempt from prosecution by virtue of the 1st Amendment.
      I would argue not.  Yes, the "media" here did not pay cash or whatever to the leaker, but, the achievement of their mutual goal to actively harm American interests by treasonous leaks, was clearly itself a reward to both.  The blogger no doubt benefited financially from increased site hits and ad revenue if SCOTUS remains interested in the factor of economic benefit.  I hope that Barr goes after the blogger on the basis that such disclosures can be straight treason conspiracy by all parties acting in concert, and/or that our changing world of bartering sensational ideological and political "news" for all sorts of diverse benefits (almost inevitably resulting in economic gain to all parties) moots the issue of clear, one-way financial compensation.  I think the current SCOTUS a bit more likely than not to adopt this view, but that one or two more appointments by Trump before the case gets to them would insure a big time "clarification" of 1st Amendment rights.
      Consider, what would we have done if the NY times printed the OVERLORD plans in late May, 1944, without cash payment to the undercover Nazi in the Pentagon.  I have no doubt that that leaker and a bunch of NY Times a-holes would have simply disappeared that night.  This is different only in the magnitude of the underlying events.  The magnitude of an evil does not alter its existence, but ony, perhaps, the harshness of the penalties that the criminals should suffer.
    • By Indraman
      <Free Speech> 
      So, is YouTube and other social media platforms skewing search results in favor of Left-Leaning content? 
    • By huffy2005
      From Fox News:
    • By huffy2005
      Comey has become a world comic and somebody want to print new version comic cartoon books for sale - get Comey, Obama and Hilary as main characters. But the cartoons should be depicting not only comedy, funny tragicomedy with mass murders also involved with these three to give more sensationalism(though it is very true). When they say Russians hacked elections( it is a utter insult to American people intelligentsia and intelligence that hacking can divert their votes so simply and like brainless baboons), it is true and it should be investigated! Sound funny? It is not so funny as they think! If it is hacking is the main subject, why only Russia and Trump? It is of course, champion of hacking should be investigated very first and Obama the brute is his name. How many leaders of nations, peaceful nations regime change biz did by hacking world over by this champion of hacking? Lest start the story from the beginning and not from the end. Comey the joker or his comics cannot taken serious any more as you cannot fool the people all the time or sometime thinking everybody in this world is an idiot or moron. But they know one thing for sure - that's majority of the people are fools going after medieval middle eastern donkey rode desert nomadic tribal primitive god biz . It is funny, yes of course, one see these people taking a bible with all middle eastern stories and hanging a cross around their necks( Roman method of execution like present day electric chair and nobody is having that around their neck). Hence, it look like all are bloody fools and Obama the brute and Hilary the maniac is going on their biz by hook or crook toppling the people friendly president - Trump.
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