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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!


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I have seen maybe 3 different versions of this type technology and it  is sooo amazing - This is the only one I could  find in my files - I was glad too and hope R2D2 sees it - I hope all enjoy it - UNEEK  <3 <3 <3      *** CLICK ON THE PICTURE / LINK AND BE AMAZED ***





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illusion (Deception)noun aberration, distortionfallacy, false impression, misbelief, misconception



ILLUSION. A species of mania in which the sensibility of the nervous system is altered, excited, weakened or perverted. The patient is deceived by the false appearance of things, and his reason is not sufficiently active and powerful to correct the error.

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absolutely amazing show UNEEK ty good creative work


I would rather is an Illusion of my $$$ in my wallet.

I have that (de?)illusion too. every time i look in my wallet, my money diappears :lol::)

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I haven't done this, but I believe it begins with making a 3D computer model of the background object (ideally from a laser scan from the position you intend to project the overlaid imagery from). Then texturing the video/animations on the building model and finally projecting back on the building. It may be scanned and processed from multiple angles- lots of work but great results!

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