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Barzani: Kurds not willing to live under oppression, tyranny

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Baghdad (AIN) –The President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, assured that Kurds are not willing to live under oppression and tyranny.

A statement by the Presidency of Kurdistan Region received by AIN cited “Masoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan Region today in Salah al-Din Resort received Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the Socialist International and the delegation accompanying him.”

“At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ayala expressed his happiness in visiting Kurdistan Region and meeting with President Barzani pointing to the ongoing progress various fields in Kurdistan Region,” the statement added.

“Ayala informed President Barzani about the details of the Socialist International’s decision on the formation of the Kurdish group within the organization , which consists of twenty-five Kurdish political parties from the four parts of Kurdistan, and the goal of its formation is to recognize the Kurdish issue and ensure the international support for it,” the statement confirmed.

“The Socialist International Secretary General talked about the situation in Iraq, expressing concern over the future of democracy in this country because of regional interventions in Iraq’s internal affairs,” the statement continued.

“President Barzani, for his part, said that Kurdistan Region hopes to solve all problems and crises through dialogue and understanding, stressing that the Kurds are not willing to live under oppression and tyranny,” the statement concluded. /End/



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      Baghdad (AIN) –The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, emphasized that the current dialogue with Kurdistan Region is under the limits of the constitution, assuring that any dialogue among all sides must be adherent to constitution.
      In a TV interview, he said “The mere fact that the Iraqi voters will participate in the elections is considered as a success,” noting that “We are interested in achieving a genuine compete among the various candidates.”
      “The public supervision is very important because if the Parliament is monitoring the Government performance, then the people are monitoring both parliament and government,” he concluded.
      Earlier, Maliki and the Kurdish delegation agreed upon the necessity of avoiding the tensions and keeping on the dialogues to as well as forming committees to solve the problems.
      A statement by Maliki’s office received by AIN cited “Maliki received the Kurdish delegation at his office in Baghdad on Thursday,” noting that “Both sides discussed the disputed cases in positive atmospheres.”
      It is worth mentioning that the Kurdish delegation arrived in Bagdad on last Wednesday. /End/
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      Baghdad / Iraq News Network – revealed source KORDI beginning, Thursday, that the Kurdish delegation in Baghdad met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and gave him 30 days to implement the demands of Kurdish spearheaded the implementation of Article 140 for the normalization of the situation in the disputed areas. The delegation arrived KORDI high, on Wednesday, to Baghdad to deliver the National Alliance message demands included the Kurdistan Region having reached political forces Kurdish to finalize them. This is the message as the last chance for an alliance between the Kurds and the Shiite alliance after having been informed of Kurdistan delegation of the Alliance last week selection between “partnership” or “divorce”. boycotting MPs and ministers of the Kurdistan Alliance and the forces of Kurdish other sessions the House and minister in a vote on the current year budget without compatibility with the parties flag. said the source, who declined to be named on Thursday, said that “the delegation Kurdish in Baghdad discussed with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Thursday afternoon paper demands Kurdish spearheaded the implementation of Article 140. “and added that” the delegation gave Maliki 30 days to receive a positive response and approval to implement the demands, to be resolved and implemented the end of the year. “There old problems between Baghdad and Erbil on disputed areas and management of oil wealth as well as the budget Guard Region “Peshmerga” and others. cited Iraqi constitution ratified in 2005 of Article 140, which provides for the normalization of the situation in the disputed areas in Kirkuk and other provinces, such as Nineveh and Diyala. identified deadline expired on atheist and the thirtieth of December 2007 to implement all provisions in the said article of procedures, also left for the people of those areas of freedom of self-determination, both survival and independent administrative unit or attached to Kurdistan Region by organizing a referendum, but the obstacles many have delayed the implementation of some basic items in the article. He insists the Kurds strongly on the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution, while showing a section of the Arabs in Kirkuk and other areas in protest at the implementation of the fear of the possibility of incorporating oil-rich province to the Kurdistan Region after being accused of parties Kurdish bring hundreds of thousands of residents Kurds for the city to change its identity demographic former regime others also bring hundreds of thousands of Arabs to in the seventies and eighties of the last century under a policy of Arabization applied in these areas at the time.
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