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After seven years of Government. The rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers has been completed

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30/03/2013-11: 40 am | Hits: 834

In all countries of the world are preparing the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers before the formation of the Council only months in Iraq, filled with contradictions and duplication. After three years of the Maliki government and Prime Adviser came to talk about the readiness of its rules of procedure to the vote.

Lely said legal adviser to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said that "we have worked over a draft of the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and another distributed system more than two years ago, the Prime Minister wants to vote with the majority and everybody agrees."

"If at any point the system is ready and Checker of the State Council and other stakeholders but Maliki did not want to subject and vote only after agreement of all the blocks to form a consensus, but some have said that we want to read and put some notes."

And the possibility of reconsidering the decision to postpone the elections, Ninawa, Anbar said Fadel "if his Cabinet had taken a decision to review and this is known within the legal principles work contexts, decision-making authority is competent in the review and that is unusual."

He was legal adviser to Prime Minister Mohamed Fadel announced Friday it will display the draft rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers at a meeting next Tuesday to discuss and comment from the Prime Minister. "

The "Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has instructed to discuss the rules of procedure of the Board at the next meeting and each Minister to make observations as to modify or view until it is introduced" stating that "a procedure which will be submitted to the Board at the next meeting the same prepared."

The decision comes as a draft of the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers after some political blocs claim that wrote and approved to reduce what they called the "dictatorship and singularity", and was approved by the Cabinet in its last meeting Tuesday


Shagun news raises many political insiders as the same story indicates that Cabinet decisions were beyond the Constitution and the law of the criminal Saddam regime, for this attribute that Maliki is alone without reference to the Council of Ministers is due to the law of Hungary Saddam Hussein gives the absolute validity of the Prime Minister in dealing with things, while the Constitution gave all powers to the Cabinet and not to the Prime Minister.

Sources familiar with the matter said backstage: that this law will not see the light, because if the Prime Minister and survived multiple requests known to Parliament laws to further study, it expects the delay time in the House with too many arguments to move Mr. Maliki's second term without any law controlling the KNPP.

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The Headline should read- "Maliki has been confused on the procedure of how to seat ministers for the last 7 years which explains the constant delay." I guess taking a vote was a real brain hurdle to figure out for the last seven years. How long before the gurus run with this article proclaiming once the ministers are seated we will have our RV. I know Frankie based a couple of years claiming this was the holdup.

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