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ARTICLE 140 DONE ....... ?


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There's nothing the kurds can do about the budget it's out of their hands now. We've known for a while the last part of the hcl  that needed to be done was the agreement with the kurds. great news if it sticks.

I'm going to wait for the ink to dry. As for the budget, once it's in the Gazette then I will smile. Until then the Kurds are challeging it.

Lots of something going on but it all has to come together.

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Well I am encouraged by the article  and  knowing so many folks can put their own interpretation to it - I  still remain encouraged and hopeful - with the Iraqi government it is always a guessing & waiting game - 



We could use it to replace Monday.  Nobody likes Mondays anyways, lol.  Just say'in

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    • By italiancat
      I don't know how credible the news source is, so the link is at bottom of article.
      Iraqi Budget 2016 Will be Approved Before 31st December 2015
      1 day ago by Iraq123 News
      Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Wednesday, the Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi Parliamentary Economic Committee Harith Chanchal issued a statement that Iraqi government is far behind the schedule in forwarding the budget 2016 to the Iraqi Parliament. It has been considered a major reason of slow up for final approval from the Iraqi House of Representatives; it would be returned back to the Iraqi government until they alter some of its paragraphs and sections. The Deputy Chairman further added that we have informed the Iraqi government to modify some specific sections and paragraphs in the Iraqi federal budget 2016. We will again recheck Iraqi budget 2016 and then it will be presented to the Iraqi House of Representatives for voting and final approval.
      Harith Chanchal further added that Iraqi federal budget draft delivered to Iraqi government last month for important changes. The Iraqi government should finalize all the necessary alterations in the Iraqi budget 2016 and forward it to the Iraqi Parliament as soon as possible because we are already too late for final approval of the Iraqi budget 2016. When Iraqi government will deliver the budget draft 2016 to the Iraqi parliament, we will start further discussion to finalize its all paragraphs and then the House of Representatives will be able to vote for it. Point to be noted that Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee will submit their final report on next Monday regarding Iraqi federal budget Law 2016. It is expected that Iraqi budget 2016 will be approved by the Iraqi Parliament before the end of this month.
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