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There are still US contractors and military personnel in Iraq. Once OSCI (Military) leaves Iraq there will only be a handful of sites left and they will be Department of State operated. About 60-70% of contractors have IQD. All communications in Iraq are operated by contractors. If the dinar were to revalue before OSCI left, it would cause chaos. Contractors would be quitting that day. The military would be scrambling to get personnel back into Iraq to support the mission. I could see an RV happening closer to the end of the year. 

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Booooooo!....... Hissssssss.....! :( 


Sorry, GREENB.... couldn't help our pitiful selves......

We know you're not a dream-killer.... :P


Just a guy posting some logical info....


Let's hope it happens... and soon ------ regardless of who bails after a windfall !  ^_^


Cheers !

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