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Adam's Drive-by, Saturday Jan. 26th

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9:48 AM [Adam Montana] sorry mods, I didn't give you a heads up on this one. 9:48 AM [Adam Montana] Just a quick update, although it's probably more relevant to our VIP and OSI members than anyone el

I am going to put this out there & it is not to bash just to keep people grounded. I know there are a lot of you that hang on every word Adam says. I would not get excited until you see this in

I'm usually a pretty reserved guy LIBoy... but when you have a total of what... 155 posts... and your calling Adam out like that... maybe your the one who's in the wrong place my friend??? There are

Well, I'm trying to not get too excited...been there and done that already! But this news today has me pretty optimistic. The most so in quite awhile now! Fingers and toes crossed!!

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Not sure how seriously this was meant to be taken. But, just FYI it is my understanding (having been to Belize a couple of times for diving) that you can only have foreign currency in one of their offshore or "international" banks, and no one living in Belize can have an account in such a bank. Legal residents can only have accounts in commercial banks, and those accounts can not hold foreign currency.

There are also few if any consumer protection laws nor do I recall that they offer anything like FDIC deposit protection. So I would proceed with extreme caution. For expats living in Belize, the advice I have heard (from them, though this was 10 years ago) is to keep the bulk of you money in a US bank and transfer it over only when you need it to pay local bills. US dollars work fine in Belize (no coins), though you will get change in Belize currency. According to the law merchants are not supposed to accept foreign currency, but the few that I dealt with for odds and ends all did when I was there.

No offense intended ;) but, Spoken like a true NON-VIP/OSI DVer.


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9:51 AM [Adam Montana] I have

100% confirmation from several major banks that they DO have plans to move from "no dinar" to "bring it on!"

Has Adam ever said anything like this before? I do not remember it if he has! :backflip:/> :soon:/>

I dont remember anything like that being said by Adam.........will be great when he expounds on that statement!!

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Wow, this is definitely not like Adam to say something like this to the whole DV group.

The only group I would have thought he'd say this to is the OSI members.

Very interesting!

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I think I'm going to faint. Great news, wait till I tell hubby. Oh the butterflies are coming. Happy Dance in prepping stage.


th_smiley-Dancing.gifMay I join in this looks fun????emot-happydance.gif

Start it up ya'll... were right behind ya's!!! biggrin.gif


Thanks for posting Pat... and Adam... I'm speechless!!! blink.gif... all I can do is this.... backflip.gifbackflip.gifbackflip.gif

... who said white men can't dance??? ... it just takes a beer or two!!! rolleyes.gif

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