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12 Recent stories of self defense with firearms

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12 Recent stories of self defense with firearms



Often times, I get questions by well meaning people asking me “Do you really think that the average citizen could defend themselves against a armed criminal?”

The answer is yes, every single time.

See, what most people don’t realize is that self defense shootings happen all the time. The problem is that these instances aren’t shown on the national news, or even local news for that matter. Most of the time you will be lucky to read a small postage-sized report in a local newspaper.

So, for the time being, every week I will compile a report and post it here of every self defense shooting I can find in the US.

Jan 4th – Walton County, Georgia – Walton County Home Invasion

A mom and her twin 9-year-old children tried hiding near the attic – but the crook wouldn’t back down.

Police say the crook was armed with a crow bar and the terrified woman inside the home opened fire on the crook, striking him five times.

It all happened around noon Friday at the Henderson Ridge subdivision in Walton County.

Investigators say Paul Lee Slater is in critical condition and in an intensive care unit at Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville.

Jan 4th – York, PA – Homeowner wrestles for shotgun, shoots at home invader

One of four men arrested in connection with a botched home invasion in Chanceford Township where shots were fired but no one was injured pleaded guilty Friday in York County court to attempted robbery.

Zachary D. Underwood, 18, of Harrisburg, and three others forced their way into a home in the 600 block of Salem Church Road shortly after midnight on July 12 demanding drugs and money, according to police reports.

The occupants wrestled a shotgun away from one of the men and one of the intruders fired four shots into a wall.

Jan 3rd – Cleveland, Ohio – Cleveland homeowner defends self in second home invasion attempt in 2 months.

A man attempting to break into a Cleveland, Ohio home was shot by the homeowner.

It just so happens that the same homeowner shot and killed another burglar at the same Portage Avenue house less than two months earlier.

The first incident happened in late November. The burglar, 43-year-old David Fletcher, was attempting to break into a home owned by a man neighbors call “Mike.” Neighbors say that Mike bought a half a dozen homes on the block to remodel, but trouble soon followed.

Portage Avenue is plagued with abandoned homes.

“Everybody has this problem with people breaking in these abandoned houses,” said neighbor Ben Blair in November.

In the November incident, Feltcher was wielding a knife as he attempted to break into Mike’s home. Feltcher was killed.

Jan 3rd – Akron, Ohio - Akron meat market shootout

Investigators believe the men entered Hever’s Family Meats, 3307 Cleveland Ave. NW, at 12:07 p.m. Wednesday with their weapons drawn. Davis said they attempted to take money from the cash register and, during the robbery, one of the robbers fired several rounds.

“Fire was immediately returned by an employee. A gun battle ensued inside the store,” Davis said.

At some point, the robbers ran out the front door, jumped into the car and sped away.

Mercy Medical Center video shows one of the men soon after being dropped off at the hospital and the car leaving, Davis said.

Bush was found there with multiple gunshot wounds.

“A short time later, we believe the second suspect checked himself in at Affinity Medical Center in Massillon with at least three gunshot wounds,” Davis said. That man was identified as McLendon.

Jan 3rd – Lubbock, Texas – Homeowner shoots at thieves

Police went to the 100 block of Avenue S around 5:30 a.m. after receiving a “burglary in process” call from the homeowner, said Lubbock Police Department spokesman, Sgt. Jonathan Stewart

Stewart said two men attempted to steal a television from the backyard and fled after the homeowner came out and shot at them.

Stewart said the number of shots fired hadn’t been determined and because the two men had not been located, it was unknown if one of them was hit.

“If there’s reasonable evidence the homeowner shot at the men to protect his home, he will not be convicted of any crime,” Stewart said. “Nothing is pending against the homeowner at this time.”

Jan 2nd – Phoenix, Arizona – Father shoots daughter’s attempted rapist

A man reportedly trying to break into several homes in Phoenix was shot and killed by a homeowner. It happened around 2 a.m. Wednesday near 28th Avenue and Acoma.

Neighbors spotted a white man in his 30s going door to door, apparently trying to break into homes. Witnesses say he attempted to get into at least four homes.

As the man tried to get into one of the houses, the homeowner came out with a gun. When he spotted the suspect trying to break into the bedroom belonging to his daughters, ages 4 and 7, he started yelling.

Jan 2nd – Miami, Florida - Homeowner shoots naked man who was choking his dog

A naked burglar was shot by a Miami homeowner Wednesday morning after he allegedly attempted to choke a pet dog and bite the residents.

Miami police report that the homeowner at a duplex at Northwest 2nd Avenue and 56th street woke up to the sound of dogs barking at 5 a.m.

He then found a naked man choking his pet, according to the arrest report. The nude intruder reportedly turned on the owner, jumping on him while choking and trying to bite him.

Jan 2nd - NEOSHO RAPIDS, Kansas – Homeowner shoots home invader

Lyon County authorities say a homeowner shot and injured one person breaking into an eastern Kansas home and held another suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

The incident happened Wednesday morning at a home about three miles north of Neosho Rapids.

Lyon County Sheriff Jeff Cope says the homeowner fired one shot at the suspect, Gary Yowell, 35, who was treated at Newman Regional Health for non-life threatening injuries.

Jan 2nd – Galva, Illinois – Two shot during home invasion

A Galva man says he was defending his home when he shot two intruders and was himself shot twice late Friday night.

Dustin Brock was treated for what he believes was a .410 shotgun wound to his chest and a large caliber bullet wound in his hand that he received while struggling with intruders on his kitchen floor at 417 E. Division St., Galva.

Police received a 911 call around 11 p.m. Friday regarding shots fired. Brock said it all happened very fast. There are bullet holes in his kitchen wall and floor.

Dec 31st – Cleveland, Ohio – Homeowner shoots burglar

A Cleveland homeowner said he shot a burglar Friday morning after the intruder grabbed a lamp and tried to hit him, Cleveland police said.

Police received a call about 8:50 a.m. from the Portage Avenue homeowner, who told police he was holding the suspect at gunpoint, Police spokesman Sgt. Sammy Morris said.

Morris said the homeowner told officers he shot the suspect after he confronted him, and gunshot wounds were found on the burglar’s cheek and right arm, Morris said.

Dec 29th - MCNAIRY COUNTY, Tennessee – Homeowner stops home invasion

Deputies said they arrested Steven Hicks and his wife, Sharon, for felony aggravated burglary, after homeowner Ryan Sisk spotted the two with Johnathan Beckham and Joe Little ransacking his home.

“This lets me know that there is no security anymore even at your own home and it’s changed me,” said Sisk. “It’s definitely changed us.”

Deputies said the thieves broke in through the back door, emptied the safe that stored 11 loaded guns, and took jewelry. Family members said the burglary has shaken their sense of small town security.

Dec 27th – Harris County, Texas – Homeowner kills burglary suspect

A burglary suspect died late Thursday morning after deputies said he was shot by a homeowner who was defending his property.

The shooting occurred in northwest Harris County on Place Rebecca Lane just off Kuykendahl Road, according to the sheriff’s office.

Harris County Sgt. Robert Spurgeon said it was around 2 a.m. when the homeowner, 51, heard glass breaking in his condo. He went to investigate and found a man entering through a window.

Dec 25th – Aundrel county, Maryland – Man killed during business robbery

When officers arrived they were met by an employee of the business. The employee advised officers that prior to their arrival an unknown intruder had broken into the business while the employee was there. There was an altercation inside the business and as a result the intruder was shot. The intruder ran out of the business and collapsed. Paramedics were summonsed to the scene, at which time, the intruder was pronounced deceased. The intruder has been identified as Byron Keith Phillip, 30 of Chester, Maryland.

Our Liberal Media is the only assault weapon being used on the USA at present. jonjon

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Great post Jon. I would jut point out you left out a incident that was covered by almost none of the propaganda misters. Seemsin San Antino, TX. A gunman went into a restraunt and shot his wife. Fearing for thrir saftey. Restaruant empted and gunman followed fleeing people from restraunt. A woman, ccl permit holder took out her piece neutralized said shooter. Case closed.

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Great post JonJon.... wish this kind of stuff would hit the news as much as all the negative stuff..... guess its not exciting or thrilling enough to drive news headlines. Thinks for sharing this!!

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