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The Government's failure to finance parliamentary: submit the final accounts "major disaster"


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The Government's failure to finance parliamentary: submit the final accounts "major disaster"Soldier killed, news -09/12/2012-5: 49 pm | Hits: 12

She is a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Deputy Risalat Najib, Central still the dominant character to balance the centralized 2013 budget in itself a flagrant violation of the Constitution, which required the adoption of decentralization with respect to the provinces and territories, describing the Government's failure to submit the final accounts as "major disaster",[/font]

Najib said, that "almost 80% of the current budget subject to the will of the Central Government which does not give importance to the provinces cooperate and contract with companies to reduce problems and crises facing the people."[/font]

And stresses that "the budget highlighted the disadvantages of not revenue transparency, where there are no loans and grants received from other countries in aid to Iraq has not been included in any budget item 2013" and she goes "audit revealed that Iraq as 1.3 trillion dinars in 2010, and which have not been recorded in the balance of that year and is registered on the Government."[/font]

Najib described the failure of the Government to submit the final accounts as "major disaster" and stated that "Parliament would host Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi, head of the Office of financial supervision of Abdel Basset Turki on Tuesday to inform us of this narrative and a bug that the budget".[/font]

"Government spending is not transparent and a lot of comments and indicators developed by the Council of Ministers needs to be a lot of questions" and noted that "there are items in the budget the Minister of finance allows reallocation of funds to those affected by the policy of the former regime, without specifying the amounts of these payments and the great irony that need accountability and find out these amounts."[/font]

She is a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee listed to highlight the negatives involved balancing 2013, says "negative things in the budget is the lack of knowledge of customizations and border posts, many in the North and the South and Centre, as well as not knowing the Holy revenues that come from visiting delegations are also non-specific and other information we have."[/font]

Najib indicated that "the major problems are is more sovereign expenditure allocations, including presidencies, the Council of Ministers and deputies as well as the defence and interior ministries, with the budget 2013 to 40 trillion dinars and 300 billion dinars, while the 2012, 30 trillion dinars in 2011, amounted to 22 trillion", stressing that "these amounts are deducted from the quotas of the provinces and territory".[/font]

Najib suggested that "this budget in its general lack of transparency" and stresses that "the Government did not abide by the promises they had made financial payments to oil companies amounting to 4 trillion and 200 billion dinars, which will lead to lower oil revenues in the region".[/font]

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