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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

OH CANADA we await your annoucement with baited breath


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Okay, since we are throwing Canadian jokes out all time favorite.

How was Canada named?

They drew letters out of a hat.

C eh,

D eh,

N eh.

Sorry, much love for my Canadian brothers and sisters to my North. And yes, I know it is cheesy

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Gol dang BJ, thats just right nasty. You don't see me Slamming your Canadians ??? {{{pp frantically trying to find a Canadians joke pic to post}}}

Its all good, I get the ribbing every year, that and how after 12 months of winter we get.... Highway Construction :lol:

I will +1 you as no one else will :o)


Hey pp ... I'm surprised you fell short - I know lots:

Why are the Canadiens like bears? Every fall they go into hibernation.

Why are the Canadiens like the Titanic? They look good until they hit the ice !!

What do college students and les Canadiens have in common? They've both finished their year by April.

I've only been here 9 years and if I don't see orange cones on the road, I think I'm lost !!! It's a year round hobby in these parts - fix a road, tear it up, fix a road, tear it up !!! Sadly the Charbonneau Commission is taking all that work away from the mafia and our roads and construction may stay fixed now !!!

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