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Goodgrins: Delta » October 20th, 2012, 1:59 am • good morning family: on monday cc i will give you the full report about shabibi's situation all from iraqi tv,and inside sources. All i can say is wow. You will never believe what i'm going to tell you family. : so till then i will ask you a question : why maliki wants shabibi out ? I will answer it on monday. Delta

[Lakerfan] "Today Iraqi TV made an important update announcement on Turki's investigation of Shabibi and the CBI.........I have told you that Shabibi is being accused falsely and the articles in the last 72 hours have echoed my stance. I have not budged an inch." a small quote from Frank. he says he and Delta have more for monday night


[2mater] once in a while I love for someone to say 'oh my gosh - it's going to be tonight - hold onto to your britches - the rates amazing"!! gosh thats so exciting to even think about

[sananddan24] Once I asked Soonerfan if this can happen on the weekend and he said could happen anytime

[bigB] sananddan24 When you think about it, the weekend would be the best time for it to happen.

sananddan24] BigB I pray it is


WCW] fOLKS there is no intel out there this is coming as a surprise to everyone without warning

[presley] WCW-It will come in the ... In The Still Of The Night- RV Boys 2 Men


[Precious] I just got an email that said the fed was shut down on aset backed bills in the bank to exchange..anyone hear this? said it was seen on fox news

[Tejas] So whats the latest is Iraq in blackout mode till monday?? Thats what i,m hearing then we RV?Also hearing thar the iraqi people are protesting wanting out of cht 7

[Precious] Tejas yes they are

[Tejas] Protesting ch 7 means to me that if they can get out of 7 a good chance their currencie can go international and we will have our RV

[Tejas] Looks like things are starting to fester up- coming to a head

[letsdance] they have been protesting forever over there and what has it gotten them.....killed maybe?? Thier government in not for the people so why would they care about another protest... just my opinion on the matter

[Precious] An international commission: Baghdad plans to impose strict rules restricting media http://www.almadapaper.n ··· s/-1.jpg Saw the Committee to Protect Journalists International that the Iraqi government plans to impose strict rules restrict the broadcast media, arguing that this is a serious warning the return of authoritarian rule in the country. The Committee condemned these laws have described without decent and demanded that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to abandon these plans

gunny] Precious So, what's it supposed to mean that the FED shut down?

[Precious] fox news...fed shut down on Wed 17th is all it said

[letsdance] from fox news??

[healthscans] hub I heard!

[spark22] Precious found a terrorist attack Wed 17th at the fed building in NY

[Precious] yes was that a cover??

[Precious] hmmm timing?

[healthscans] Precious I am thinking like you!

[spark22] Bomb plot it says

[gunny] Precious Of course, most of us did not hear anything regarding that.

[gunny] Today, I received message from my bank. Not one of the big ones, that internet securities and banking will be offline Monday.

[Precious] gunny wow..good news

[spark22] The FED building on WED -

RindsGuy] Precious They arrested the man who was going to blow up the Federal Reserve building on Oct 18

hub] Spark22 believe you will find it was a sting operation , the guy thought he was buying a bomb, but was the fbi he bought it from and they got him,

[maranatha] hub it was a sting

[healthscans] maranatha I agree

[Precious] maranatha ,maybe it was a US sting? hmmmmmm

[maranatha] Precious hmmm is right

[gunny] Precious Maybe they were just throwing us a bone for things to come?

[Precious] just when we have all the banking trouble hmmmmmmm


[xyz] not 'soon' again! .... “A new meeting will be held soon between the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and the President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani soon to state a specific date for holding the National Meeting.” ... “The political rivals should agree and sign a document that contains all the items to be discussed during the National Meeting in order to relief Iraq from the current political crisis”


[gunny] Capt Ron They are gonna say that they found some extra money with the reorganization of the FED etc.

[Capt Ron] Yep. Somethin' like that.

[Precious] gunny or blow up the fed and poof all outstanding debt info gone lol

[king] Gunny they could say that and getaway with it IMO

[Precious] or the audit on the fed found more money, like Iraq is doing lol

[gunny] king Well, they have something up their sleeves to cover it, that's for sure.

[gunny] Precious Yup

[Precious] yep

[king] Gunny always an excuse

[king] Their never wrong

[gunny] king Part of the dog and pony show.


[Precious] [GOLDMAN] I received the email from a reliable source. They never send junk news, ever. So that is why I came to chat to see what others were saying. The email also said the treasury bills are in the banks backed by gold and silver and that we will have an announcement of the new banking system very shortly. "The worthless FRN's in bank accts will be exchanged for new money so there will be no loss". ???

[cherryberry] Precious hmmmm and the plot thickens

[Precious] lol

[hopeful2&2] rv in new money yeeeeeeeee hawwwww

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LOL. Ok, this was something to read. NOT.

Blow up the feds and all the proof it gone. WHAT? Has no one heard of a backup server? Give me a break. This is jibber jabber. But that's ok. Life goes on. We all THINK we have something to say, some have not learnt that perhaps it is better to not say anything at all. As my old grandma use to say.

It is good to chat. We never know WHEN something good might actually come out.

Have a great Sunday DVs.

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