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Congress: ministries closed and we do not know the mechanisms budgets Exchange

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Congress: ministries closed and we do not know the mechanisms budgets Exchange

Date: Sunday 07/10/2012 08:36 AM

Baghdad / Wael grace

MPs revealed various parliamentary blocs that some important ministries "closed" on itself and can not be accessed to the mechanisms for disbursing the budget, stressing that the ministries of oil, electricity and financial more blurry institutions for the House of Representatives.

And was a member of the National Alliance

Saturday revealed access to information that the budget next year nearly one hundred and thirteen trillion dinars.

And demanded an MP for the mass virtue Susan Saad in a statement received by the "long" version of it, the executive branch to submit the final accounts for the budget in 2012 and earlier to determine the performance of ministries and the causes of non-payment of the amounts allocated to each and what are the obstacles that stand in front of it, "pointing out that" House unaware yet where spent huge amounts of previous budgets, and if they returned to the state treasury under any door and put "explaining" that the provision of the final accounts must be accompanied by all the budget is approved. "She Saad was surprised" by the continued deterioration in all sectors despite The current year budget amounted to more than a hundred billion dinars, "wondering" Why return the money allocated to ministries at the end of each year to the state treasury without spending on projects, especially service ones while doing ministry effort to increase allocations earmarked has during adoption of the budget? . "She Saad said that" the current year budget was balanced explosive, but we have not seen yet anything on the ground, "stressing the need to" stand the legislature real exchange money and Doors spent whereby through the provision of final accounts. "The House of Representatives Federal budget for the year 2012 valued at one hundred and seventeen thousand, one hundred and twenty-two thousand dinars, equivalent to $ 100 billion, was calculated according to the export of crude oil on the basis of the average price of 85 dollars per barrel and an average export of 2.6 million barrels, including exports Region Kurdistan.

For its part, confirmed a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee that "the BSA sends monthly reports to the House of Representatives provide the mechanisms of exchange," but the MP reports describe as "inaccurate" and that the House knows what 40% of the budget exchange mechanisms.

Adds Rep. Najiba Najib in connection with the "long" that "the House of Representatives has not received so far final accounts of the ministries certified by the Council of Ministers", the follow-up "The reports reaching the parliament is not final and the last report we received was for the year 2010 and was in disbelief."

Najib shows a member of the Kurdistan Alliance BSA verified all the accounts of ministries and then sent to the Ministry of Finance to make comments on the accounts and finally go to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for scrutiny before being sent to the House of Representatives.

Conversely says Najib said the government has justified not to ratify the final accounts, including those related to advances old did Tim repaid or that the owners have died has not been extinguished, follow-up, "the House of Representatives did not approve of the Article 25 in the general budget imprest government therefore things remain outstanding."

". Najib adds that "the Ministry of Finance complaining of some ministries that send her final accounts data with observations that must be altered to the ministry reluctant to change mistakes."

MP also describes that the parliament ignorant of a lot of ways to spend ministries did not know only a gain of only 40%, she said, adding that "we have some of the big ministries such as high-budget and the Ministry of Defence and electricity projects are not commensurate with the funds allocated to them."

Najib asserts that "funds retained some of the ministries at the end of each year proof of the failure of ministries in the management of funds," stressing the need for the House of Representatives to transparency by the government in exchange budget sections.

And revealed the Integrity Committee parliamentary time race for the committee scrutinizes in fact lost $ 7 billion from the general budget for 2012 spent by the Council of Ministers on the tabulations are not clear, and confirmed the Commission that the amount mentioned was not included within the tabs that were distributed by the money the general budget and hence the amount is missing or does not exist within the budget.


Conversely mention a member of the Iraqi List, said the final accounts, which reached the House of Representatives is incomplete reports.

MP Ahmad adds electrodes that "the percentage of completion weak in the projects and the delay in completion of proof of the failure management of the funds allocated to the ministries."

Confirms electrodes in contact yesterday with the "long" that "Parliament does not know the precise mechanisms for disbursing general budget despite the reports and responses from the BSA, but they are inaccurate."

The state budget equivalent to the budget of four countries combined are Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, also raised permit and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi earlier, a lot of controversy after making sure that the amounts spent on power since 2003 is enough to buy an apartment furnished in Resorts Europe luxury every Iraqi family. و

The Issawi has revealed "that $ 107 billion is the total spent on electricity during the successive governments since 2003." Says one economist this amount can build a port of Faw and dry river and solve the housing crisis and build factories and cover green space in general the country. "

The experts stressed that the country's electrical expenses increase at double the budgets of states and enough to buy "Siemens Electronic and Mitsubishi Power and GE," while important sectors in the country are still lagging behind such as industry, agriculture, transport, health and most of the other sectors.

It is said that the electricity crisis the decades-old and spent a lot of money equivalent to, for example, "country of the importance of Bahrain's budget for 20 years," There has been a significant change in the electricity file.

To said independent lawmaker in the National Alliance for a problem suffered by the House of Representatives in the difficulty of tracking the general budget expenses and exchange rate mechanisms.

The independent MP Jawad Albzona in contact yesterday with the "long" to "embezzlement and financial and administrative corruption in state institutions and the percentage of completion weak in service projects is difficult for the House of Representatives followed up," adding that "some of the ministries can not reach the final accounts and ways disbursement of funds such as Oil Ministry. "

And stresses Albzona that "a lot of figures accused of corruption and wasting public funds not reach them because they fled from Iraq," and what he considers the independent MP obstacle to access to the final accounts for the many ministries.

The MP for the Liberal bloc parliamentary Jawad al-Hasnawi described earlier government as "repellent to experience," adding that "the Council of Ministers, ministries teeming Balemtemgayn close to political parties is experienced. Said Hasnawi through hosted in a program on a satellite channel that" the reluctance of development plans in the existing ministries came due to being overpowered by a group of experienced and who do not understand something in the field and administrative work on the necks of the citizens they are close to political parties. "

He pointed out that "successive governments in the period after 2003 worked to expel national experiences and placed in advisory functions and operational excellence and sensitive to people not qualified to take over those positions because they lack the expertise on the basis of party loyalty which impacted negatively on the development plans and provide services to citizens."

He Hasnawi that "the problem is increasing day after day that the issue went beyond the targeted competencies working different names on the basis of belonging to the Baath Party, pointing to the existence of the theory among some politicians that both remained in the country during the time of the system is a Baathist and away from the office to hand him over to people with loyalty powerful political parties in power. "

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