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TAKE A LOOK - Economies in the Middle East and North Africa


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TAKE A LOOK - Economies in the Middle East and North Africa

reuters-feature_140010.jpgReuters – 21 hours ago

Economies in the Middle East and North Africa are coping with the aftermath of

the Arab Spring uprisings and an unstable global environment. Many have boosted

fiscal spending to sustain growth and head off popular discontent, putting the

government finances of some under pressure, although the budgets of most Gulf

oil exporters are still comfortably in surplus.

Click on the links below to see the latest major stories.


>Turkish expects significant fall in Q4 inflation

>Trade association condemns Tehran unrest as enemy plot

>Turkish assets weaken as Turkey hits back at Syria

>Dubai Zabeel Investments in $956m bank debt deal-report

>BP says Azeri gas flows to Turkey stopped after incident

>Kuwait central bank cuts discount rate to 2 pct

>Dubai's Emaar to develop housing projects in Iraq

>UAE July bank lending growth 3.7 pct, highest this year

>Qatar Aug money supply growth at 11-month high

>INTERVIEW-Egypt oil subsidy reform needs more study

>Turkish Sept inflation rises,cbank policy seen on track

>Egypt PM says IMF team to visit in last week of October


>BREAKINGVIEWS-Iran at risk of draconian response to rial

>Iranian smugglers squeezed out by currency in freefall

>MIDEAST MONEY-Iraq dinar is a long-term bet

>Without IMF deal, investors still wary of Egypt

>Dubai builders revive shelved plans amid recovery hopes

>MIDEAST WEEKAHEAD-UAE mkts upbeat as Q3 earnings near

>POLL-Turkish lira set for small gains vs dlr in next year

>BREAKINGVIEWS-Qatar's funds: A guide for the perplexed

>Regulation could help Saudi insurer premiums recover

>Fitch: Turkey state bank owner changes would be neutral

>MIDEAST MONEY-Attack is short-term blow to Libya revival

>MIDEAST WEEKAHEAD-Kuwait stocks may be supported by govt


>Oil costs vs GDP

>Is oil too high?

>Map of oil operators in Iraq's Kurdistan

>Iran's oil industry

>Gulf growth rates and the oil price

>Gulf diabetes rates against income

>Turkish c/a deficit and exchange rate

>Turkish interest rates and inflation

>Projected Iraq oil exports, fiscal state

>Saudi interbank rates and bank lending

>Economic sanctions vs Iran

>Saudi Arabian budget

>Saudi defence budget

>GCC current account surpluses

>Yemen economic indicators

>Interactive on Middle East economy

>Saudi oil output

>Saudi oil demand



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