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Activation of Iraqi diplomacy in UN demanded


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BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Free Iraqiya Bloc Alia Nsaif today called to activate Iraqi diplomacy during the UN's 67th session to relieve Iraq from the Security Council's Chapter VII.

In a statement released by her bloc, Nsaif confirmed the necessity to activate Iraq diplomatic efforts during the coming UN session.

She called to build "positive relations with the large powers and present to them the real picture of the new Iraqi state, which does not necessitate keeping Iraq under Security Council's Chapter VII mandate."

The coming UN session is to be held today, 18 September, 2012.


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Thanks Bandit. 9-18-2012 United Nations: High-level meetings of the 67th session 18 September 2012, 3 p.m.: Opening of the 67th regular session of the General Assembly, UN Headquarters, in New York.


Thanks for the link. I read the High-Level info on the Rule of Law agenda on 9/24. It's no wonder Iraq has been blowing the horn hard in regards to their fight against corruption. These guy's have to bring proof of their success! Between the deep corruption and not having a fully seated Gov't. (unless I missed the appt. of the security ministers) I don't think Iraq will be released from Chapt 7. This is JMO

THX Bandit!

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This would be great. Thank you. It's funny how the UN sends me emails every morning with the daily schedule of events, and this was never on there. They are keeping it under wraps.

If you don't mind me asking Greg, what is your background? I thought someone said you were involved in the govt. Just curious.

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Ain't gonna happen. Maliki and this Nsaif can whine all they want, the UN will tell them to go blow smoke. Iraq hasn't improved or established itself enough to warrent release from Chapter 7. They are trying to 'jump the gun' and the UN won't allow it until they see more improvements with their government.

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