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Iraq Finance Conference in London


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FYI: Someone sent me this article about the Iraq conference in London & who (names) will be there. Also on the video,some info about 2nd passports, global investments & more. I listened to the video. Adam talks about this stuff on our site. Some of what is said in this video does not sound like it is all legal to me. I would like some comment/input from the more knowledgeable people about the info here. Ex: it says to get a 2nd passport in another name. Why would a person want to be someone other than your real self on a 2nd passport? I ? some things being told to folks in the video. Maybe these questions could be addressed in the Wednesday Adam Chat.

One week from today, the big Iraq Finance Conference will open

in London.

The who's who of Iraqi financial big wigs will be there.

Including Shabibi himself.

BUT, you may not know this...

Someone else is going to be there too.

This person may be even BIGGER than the big wigs. ======= email ad sponsor =======1352605.jpg?189Discover How To Protect Your Assets From Greedy Government Bureaucrats by using the same "Multinational" tax loopholes used by Billionaires so you stay safe, secure and living like a king even after the "you know what" hits the fan...In this free video you'll also discover how to "escape and evade" the corrupt government, create secret identities and relax in your paradise safe-haven...Click here to watch the video now!

(To help keep emails like this fr'ee for you, I receive a commission if you purchase...) ======= At least to you and me anyway.

Actually, its not who he is but rather WHAT he does and who he

works for that grabs my attention.

When you see a picture of him, he looks like a young kid (I'm sure

a super smart young kid)...

So you wouldn't think too much about him in a room of power dudes.


He's the Regional Director of Sales for the Middle East and South

Asia for The Royal Mint!

This is he group responsible for minting currency for over 60

countries around the world.

The Royal Mint is the largest EXPORTING mint in the world.

And this "kid" is giving a speech at Iraq's Finance



This GRABBED my attention when Dinar Guru Gold

Member J.W pointed it out to me.

I knew you'd want to know this too!

You can see the full Iraq Finance 2012 speaker lineup here...

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You need to do some research before you post doozies like this. A few things:

  • Mr. Malouk is head of sales for The Royal Mint, which is a sponsor of the conference.
  • Do you think a country emerging onto the international financal market (that is what this conference is about) would allow someone to speak with a conspiracy, law-breaking agenda to be presented? Nah, I didn't think so. That really is not a posture you want to take openly with bankers and financiers. They frown on that one.
  • You usually sponsor events because of your business involvement and are supportive because of your involvement today or wishful involvement tomorrow.
  • The Royal Mint mints coins. If you might have heard, the CBI is implementing coins as part of the RV.
  • The Royal Mint mints coins. If you might have heard, the CBI would like to implement gold coins to further remove currency from the market (this is a good thing for you and me....)
  • The Royal Mint is owned by the British government, so I am puzzled by your comment about who Mr. Malouk's employer is. Could it get any more solid?
  • Ask Steve Jobs or Bill Gates how old Mr. Malouk looks, besides, he is a salesman, not an astrophysicist.
  • Why would a government employer condone an employee that is a conspiracy theorist, especially in a business such as this? You're right. They would NOT. Just to be employed at the Mint would take a layer of security clearances. (pssssttt ... if you do a simple Google search you will find 5 people with this name right off the bat....shhhhh)
  • I tried to watch the video, but only found a scrolling dialogue with fear and consiracy messages, but not Mr. Malouk, not even his picture. Maybe I should have watched the whole thing, but I got bored. Did you ever wonder who is trying to control you with that message? No, I didn't think so.

That is all I have on this one, but one last thing: you really need to get back on your meds.

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