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“Educated Idiocy”

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“Educated Idiocy”

I. Education today is the creation of intellectual idiots.

A. Those who dominate the education and instruction of our day control the moral standards we act out on the theater of American life.

B. They control who is accepted, and who is rejected, and not by the caliber of your character on your abilities, but rather by your willingness to conform to the political establishment’s ideals.

C. This is an elitist/ political approach to education and is nothing short of

“the death of reason and rationality.”

D. What do they tell our Children?

Defiance is unacceptable and Americans have no recourse against centralized government; not in any way to include the people they elect.

E. Our learning centers today are places to connect to the world. They are not concerned with local communities any longer.

Why are young people leaving the farms?

Why are our trade skills diminishing?

Is it just economy? NO!

Independent, skilled people always flourish if they cast off tyranny.

We did that once.

F. Today, education is about compliance, indifference, sociology, dependence and a culture of fear.

G. What intellectual idiocy lacks in substance, it makes up in ego; proving the point that being educated does not make you intelligent.

II. Examination of the intellectuals our Education System Produces

A. Obsession with the appearance of objectivity

The intellectual idiots only appear to be objective or non-bias but will 9 times out of 10 take the side that benefits the establishments. This is one of the reasons, why our elected do not truly serve in our best interest in most cases, and instead serve the purposes of political party agendas.

B. Clings to labels and Status

Look at our society. For the most part, it is about money, position and political hierarchy. Who’s who and what is your celebrity status. People who have PHD’s, who have high level positions or have lots of money are held in high esteem. Intellectuals put a label on everyone from lowest to highest based on their own educated social and political status.

C. They are collectivist

They live for acceptance and accolades and fall into collectivism which is a socialist position that leans toward the state as the source of life. All social and individual problems become a matter of government intervention. Self-reliance is wiped out in favor of the nanny state.

D. They are disconnected from reality. Intellectuals will identify problems with the system or those who lord over the system, but will not approach the system to change it. They thrive incoherently in the disastrous natures of government. Every thought of life and government is a game or a theoretical exercise. They don’t believe in principle or law. They exist in a bubble of blissful educated ignorance.Burst this bubble and they melt away at the site of reality.

E. They abhor those who are not mainstream. They see the use of violence by the system against the average individual as acceptable behavior, because it protects their political and social standing. Stand against them to the point they feel threatened, then you’re a terrorist and deserve to die or be locked away where you can’t disturb their Utopia of false existence.

F. Finally, they believe academics to be free from bias. For the most part, the intellectual idiots assume that all the information he has received at the university is true, without researching it himself. This unfortunate habit is the root of idiocy. This is at the root of social enerineering and is the opposite of real communities living out their respective cultures, common to their own particular needs and desires. America’s educational institution at all levels with the help of the entertainment industry has turned American students into mashpotatoe minds who will accept any felonious philosophy without reflection, regard, or question. Our education system is a real battle ground where the social engineers have captured the minds and hearts of our generations and turned them against liberty, family, and ultimately, God Himself.

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Dang Divemaster - that was deep. You made my thinky-thing hurt a little! ;)

...."For the most part, the intellectual idiots assume that all the information he has received at the university is true, without researching it himself. This unfortunate habit is the root of idiocy...."

This probably explains some pseudo-intellectual elitists that I have known - convinced that they're so much more intelligent than everyone else because of their superior education. :rolleyes:

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I think Ronald Reagan summed this all up in one sentence...and man, did he hit the nail squarely on the head...

"Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so."

If only these people, that think they are so smart, could just see how they have been duped and brainwashed, they would probably want a refund on their wasted education.

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