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Central Bank announces the success of the first phase of the plan to increase the Monkey Banks


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Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mohammed also known as Saleh burst from the CBI doors with a grand announcement. He declared to a couple of people munching on Greek biscuits, sitting in the lobby of the CBI a new, new plan. The Deputy declared the first phase of the bank's plan was to increase the capital of private banks to achieve its objectives through the achievement of monkey banks to capital minimum of 150 bananas.

Mohammed said in a press statement that the first stage of raising monkeys for private banks ended with great success! Noting that the first phase has achieved 98% of its objectives! They now have 98% more monkeys than what they started with!

The deputy governor added that "28 of the total 30 banks were able to reach the capital of monkeys set by the Central Bank! He said, "This is not an easy phase because monkeys require many things. Balls, tires, bananas, swings and so forth."

He revealed some banks are backwards and do not understand monkeys and their needs but in the second phase of the plan started immediately after the first stage.

The two people inquired, "When will we know when the second stage begins?"

Mohammed said, "Soon...we are teaching the monkeys to count dinar, this takes time."

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