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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Don't buy ANY emergency food until you see this...


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Dear david,Record drought conditions in America have just driven corn and other agricultural commodities to record highs – with HUGE increases in food costs expected this fall.Make no mistake – our food supply chain is in a precarious state. In a true crisis, few would be able to feed themselves and their families should grocery store shelves be emptied for more than a day or two.But there's a LOT of folks out there making some BIG mistakes when putting together their emergency food back-up plan. If you have ever so much as considered stocking up on long-shelf-life food, you need to see this first – ".In Urgent Preparation,


Lee Bellinger, Publisher

Independent LivingP.S. –More than 210,000 people in 19 countries have already viewed the disturbing underground video I am rushing you today. [

Links removed for violation of forum rules. :eagle:

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Good stuff delta. Great for the general public to know this kind of info. Me and the wife are old school What we dont can we we freeze. The whole winter supply comes out of our garden. We have a great well with sweet water not hard. But a lot of the city dwellers will do well to read this post. it could possibly save there life.

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I am able to find Lee Bellinger and some of his bulletins - but is there a "specific" one that you were referring to?

I have been very much aware of possible crisis situations for the past 3 years and have made some preparations but am still open to more information and collecting for future reference - Thank you for what you can share - it will be much appreciated -- UNEEK

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Although the intention of Delta may have been harmless...the words of Adam BEAR repeating here and now as I close this thread and it's double sorry but we DO NO PROMOTE sales from other was reported by a concerned member...If I am wrong I will reopen but ONLY at Adam's direction. Here are Adam's words from a similar incident:

There was a recent incident where someone gathered support from the members, built momentum, and then scheduled a conference call.

This would be fine, except...

If it happens on DV, I am personally liable for some of the end results. When people have conference calls outside of DV, that I have no control over, I am opeining myself up to huge liabilities - both legally, morally, and ethically.

As an example, this same situation happened several months ago. I noticed the topic and closed it before too many people saw it... but still quite a few people called in. They were "pitched" a very shady trust setup. Several of the members sent money to the person who organized the call.

... and to date these people haven't seen a penny of that money back, nor have they received what they paid for.

SOME of these members have asked me, "Adam why did you let this happen?!"

See how I am put in the middle, even if I didn't endorse or even know about it?


My point is that NO CALLS, CHATS, or other PROMOTIONS may take place on this site without my prior approval - PERIOD.


If the intent is genuine, I will always approve the call/chat/etc and even help spread the word. I will also specifically state my approval either in the thread or in a message - if you don't see my personal "stamp" on something, PLEASE put a stop to it until I can take a look! This is for our protection and for the protection of the community.

Thank you all for your tireless efforts around here. Your help is much appreciated, by myself and this amazing community.

- Adam

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