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Questions For Adam's Chat 8-15-2012


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My understanding is that in order for Iraq to RV the IQD they need to first have a stabile Government, and a stabile country.....I realize they have made progress on this......however with the continued car bombings and violence......and with the instability there seems to be within the GOI and even the unstable ground Maliki seems to be you really think Iraq is ready for this ascension to becoming a part of the world financial community??..

With that said…..there are 3 religious factions and therefore regions in Iraq……..any chance at this point, you see these 3 groups fracturing into 3 separate states……it would seem to me the Kurds would be way better off if they were independent from the rest of the “mess” in Iraq….

Love your efforts brother……..Thanks…..

One more…..all this world wide Currency RV talk????……with many countries……baskets….etc……etc….

Do you believe this is only about an RV in Iraq……..or could this be a world-wide currency reset like they had in the early 70’s….?......Thanks again….

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Adam, thank you for and everything you do.

In the past, you predicted a "ten cent RV." In a recent email, you stated that you were told by people whom you truly respect that the ten cent RV was way off base and that they thought the RV would be much higher.

Do those trusted individuals still believe in an RV that is higher than ten cents?


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Hey Adam,

Due to the never ending Muslim holiday that we are experiencing I suspect that you have no new information to report regarding our investment. If you do please tell us.

I'm curious to know your thoughts regarding the R and R ticket. I'm pumped. Without expounding on my thoughts, I'm curios to know yours. A smart cheese head in DC is not a bad thing in my opinion. Thanks in advance.


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Hello, Adam. Thank you for your insights and the balanced wisdom that you bring to this investment. In light of recent economic news that Iraq is now the #2 producer of crude, that they have had the largest wheat production in 30 years, and given that sanctions against Iran seem to be declining their economy can you tell me how or if you think these factors might impact an RV? It seems that these events are leading to a growing economy among the OPEC nations, which cannot hurt. Anxiously awaiting the end of this long holiday and more anxiously awaiting and RV :D :D :D

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