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18 Cops to Rescue a ...........Blow-up Doll.


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How Many Chinese Cops Does It Take to Save a Blow-Up Doll? Eighteen.

Brian Ashcraft

On the evening of July 11, what looked like a dead body was spotted in a river in Shangdong, China.

Eighteen police officers arrived on the scene, and over a thousand people showed up at the river to rubberneck. It became impossible for fire trucks to make their way though.

Police worked for an hour to retrieve the body. Once they fished it out, cops discovered it was no dead body. Rather, it was actually a blow-up doll. According to reports, the police then quickly cleared the scene.

In the police's defense, the blow-up doll certainly did look like a floating corpse from a distance and good on them for mobilizing so quickly to retrieve it.

But, as the Chinese press pointed out, the spectators who gathered to watch the rescue were later amused that the police spent so much energy to save a blow-up doll. To protect and serve—even the sex toys!

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