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Finance Committee look at models of new currency

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Monday July 16, 2012

Aakdt Finance Committee meeting on Sunday, 15/7/2012 under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman of the Committee Haider Abadi, and the presence of gentlemen members of the committee and its advisers.

The meeting was hosted by the appearance of Dr. Salih, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq and the delegation accompanying him.

During the meeting discussed the objective to replace the existing currency and delete zeros of which and the mechanisms that will be followed by the central bank in the process of replacement and places and to identify the banks that will be under which receipt of the currency of which, as was done during the meeting, a number of models of the new currency and provided by some of the world,

The deputy governor said the action at law will apply to anyone who tries to counterfeit currency, including the imposition of a fine double for counterfeit currency detected by any of the banks supplied for the new currency, noting that the most important potential risks that will appear during and after the change of currency is is not to accept human behavior and disruption of the market open and manipulate instruments, stressing that he was putting all the appropriate solutions for each potential risk of occurrence.

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank had not been reached to the selection of the latest model for the new currency so far.

It was agreed to inform the Committee on the conduct of the replacement model and the last of the coin and send a detailed report on the legislative requirements and accounting and accounting upon the completion of the replacement process and submit to the Committee for information and comments on them.|en&oe=UTF8&prev=/language_tools&

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I can see it now, "Here is our super model, it's classy, has some zing to it, a little gold around the edges. Printing the 3 different languages is to die for, clear, and to the point, everyone will be very happy!"

The committee....."Too ***."

"No worries, we have our ultra model, it shows in great detail our history, the 3 languages printed are smaller, but if you have a magnifying glass you can read them. The people will rejoice and be proud of their new currency!"

The committee....."Is that Sadaam's butt in the background? Too risky."

"No problem. This is an unusual model, we call it, Super secret #001. Highly protected secret, it's plain, has President Washington on it. The people are familiar with it, they know what they can buy with it. We can throw the 3 languages on it for a small price."

The committee......"We like it."

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