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Anyone Wish They Could Get Back The Countless Hours of Wasted Time They Have Spent On Dinar Sites?

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I enjoyed reading everyone's response to my topic. Just to clarify I do not in any way shape or form feel the dinar investment has been a total waste of time. I myself learned many things about the Middle East and Iraq. The point I was trying to make that some people missed was the daily hours of wasted time I burned on Dinar Vets listening to the hype of a weekly or hour to hour RV watch. I had attributed that to inexperience and I was trying to pass that advice on to newer Dinar investors. If Dinar Vets is your source of Humor, Entertainment, Friend Hangout or whatever than great, you were not who I was looking to possibly offend when I wrote my opinion. I learned about the Dinar from some great minds such as Doc31, Scooter, Adam Montana, Mr.Rich and RSSkelton and many others who either have moved on from this site or are still here. Thanks, and enjoy your weedend!

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