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Maliki just hit the accelerator and is steering straight for Shabibi. The problem is Maliki is driving a 1991 Rabbit diesel and Sahbibi is in a Mack.

Baghdad (news) .. A source in the making of political and economic decision that the Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki will appoint counsel for Economic Affairs Abdullah Al-Hussein Anbuge governor of the Central Bank instead of the province of the current Shabibi, while threatened to senior officials of the Central Bank to submit mass resignations in the event of dismissal Shabibi, this is a (10) of senior Bank staff to a large lobby inside has toppled Iraqi currency in the case have resigned.

The source, who declined to be named in the statement singled out by the Agency (news) said on Tuesday: that al-Maliki has serious intention and real to dismiss central bank governor Sinan Shabibi and the appointment of counsel Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge because of leaking information to the Kurdistan Regional Government about the book directed to the bank by linking the premiership or the Secretariat, as well as a sense of al-Maliki that the central bank is run by people they work for more than (30) years and this is what al-Maliki does not want its existence of a huge (Group) manages the bank.

The source added: that about (10) people from the managers and experts in the Central Bank are considered supporters of the Hbibi, Ocdo they will mass resignations if the sacked Shabibi and they would refuse to provide any information or plans strategy for the work of the Central Bank before or after the resignation of any government official does not is related the Central Bank, and continued, this would be a great upheaval of the Central Bank may contribute to raise the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and a new economic crisis.

And eternal economists and financial fear of this approach and enemy encroachment on the Constitution and the monetary policy and the will of the national economy at risk, and referred to the Federal Court issued on 18 January, a decision to the relevance of independent bodies referred to in the Constitution Iraqi prime minister directly, and not under the chairmanship of the Council of House of Representatives.

I think Maliki just **********, game set and match to Shabibi....

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They are not going to let this happen. LOL! You gotta stay grounded...just like another poster said in a previous statement. It's gonna get ugly. Perhaps this is ugly. At this point, I have no idea what UGLY would look like. Actually, I don't BRING IT! I'm not selling this matter what until it is over. :angry:

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I remember long time ago a friend told me, at the end of this invesment you will see a lot of crazy things

Stay grounded.


Do you smoke the whacky weed... you are always so comfortable... I like it.... I have never, well maybe once in college, but I did not INHALE; but If you keep being so calm, cool, and collective, Share your secret!!!! ;):lmao:

If nothing else...... ROLL RV!!! :woot:;)

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NOT gonna happen --

Parlaiment just told "Minus Maliki" that the GOI should stay OUT of the CBI, but the CBI will send reports to all ministers. (Think Parlaiment KNOWS what would happen if -Maliki got his hands on the cookie jar???)

I expect a vote of no confidence anytime after they get all their other ducks in a row, like HCL, Erbil, RV and Chapter VII.

Just an fyi -- don't know if anyone else caught the video of Kobler reporting to the UNSC yesterday, but it was clear to me that he is NOT pleased with -M, and though he couldn't come out & SAY it, I think he'd have no problem dealing with any other Prime Minister, and kinda alluded to that.......................his body language is very teling whether his words are, or not...............

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IMO.... it's not gonna happen.... period!wink.gif

Git-r-dun boyz... and quit playing games already!!!rolleyes.gif

Come On RV Baby!!!cool.gif

If you keep being so calm, cool, and collective, Share your secret!!!! ;):lmao:

He's from the "islands muan, and he's chillin in a cool hammock by the sea!" wink.gif

Maybe we could all join Layed Back some day... ya got enough trees to tie off a few more of them hammocks L.B.?? cool.gif

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* Iraq parliament tells cabinet not to meddle in central bank policy

April 11th, 2012 01:44 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency)

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s parliament has sent a letter to the cabinet telling it not to interfere in monetary policy, a parliamentary source said, in a skirmish over central bank independence that reflects concerns over the extent of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s influence.

Maliki won a court ruling in January 2011 putting independent bodies like the Central Bank of Iraq under the cabinet, alarming critics who view with suspicion signs of authoritarianism in some of his actions.

He said this would not affect the CBI’s independence, but other moves by Maliki, a Shi’ite, against senior Sunni politicians and his control over key security ministries have raised concern that he is trying to consolidate his power.

A source in the office of parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi said parliament had sent the cabinet a letter reminding it that setting monetary policy was not in its mandate and that it should not assert its authority unconstitutionally.

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from AC:

Central Bank of Iraq and the Government

Central_Bank_of_Iraq-300x188.jpgCentral Bank of Iraq

The Iraqi courts have already ruled that the Central Bank of Iraq is under the jurisdiction of the Iraq government specifically the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. Prime Minister Maliki is attempting to reshape the Central Bank of Iraq starting with upper management. The hard currency in Iraq which is the U.S. dollar is appreciating against the local currency as merchants are continuing to buy and sell in U.S. dollars.

Governor Shabibi is negotiating his departure from the Central Bank of Iraq along with other senior members of the CBI. We will see departures in the management of the CBI by the end of the year. It is rumored that they will be leaving the country.

The Iraqi dinar is being seriously undermined by Iran and Syria who are in need of U.S. Dollars to skirt the international sanctions. You will see a continued weaken Iraq dinar in the months ahead.

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