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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Add Your Favorite Christian Music/Song

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Me Too!!! Divemaster, but my computer is acting up, I'm going to need help with this thread if I drop off.

Thanks a bunch for your contribution. :D

Thank You for starting it, been wayyy overdue..

Just in case "they" think all Christian songs are boring and stuffy..

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Alright Divemaster, That was awesome, sooooooo darling, who would of guess Cartoons. :lmao:

And boring and stuffy we are not.

Thanks for the smile and a big one at that :)

Markinsa can you give me a Big Smile. I know you have one in your pocket somewhere.

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NeoDinar, I've given you the respect in listening to your music and it saddens me to know that so many children of God are lost. That so many souls have separated themselves from God. Sadden for those that yet to believe in God and yet to know Him.

Please I hope you can be a gentleman and give me the the time of day to listen to my music as well as the other members.

If you don't have the urge to know God, then be a kind soul and hold fast to kind words on my thread.

Thank you again, making me aware of our youth and prayers in your direction.

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I asking my DV members, to please forward negative post to whomever its directed to on their profile "Personal Message"

I would ask to keep this Thread with Music/Songs and Praises of opinions, if you please.

Thank You and May the Peace of God guide us. ;)

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Patty- and all who contributed. I had to get up early this morning to start cooking Easter lunch for guests coming, and it was such a blessing just to sit my computer on my kitchen counter and start scrolling down through the thread and listening to each song. Made my morning tasks just fly by with all the praise and worship songs. Thanks for starting this wonderful thread. Don't let anything get you down Patty-you are very much appreciated and loved here at DV! I prayed for each poster as I scrolled down through the songs, too. Hopefully, ALL of them will feel God's hands on their life!

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