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Every sheriff in America should be standing behind this sheriff in his fight for a justified law on the books. This law was written for this country and needs to be protected. What part of illegal don't washington understand. They have been up there so long that they don't know the meaning of their own laws anymore. Our govt has become a pit of vipers turning the lawful justice up side down to be wrong. One of the biggest reasons is for hispanic vote. That why i keep saying and will say until everyone realizes what it means when i say we need Term Limits. Those morons need to be kicked out of office, draw the same amout of retirement anyone of us would and end of the cadillac medical plans for them and their families. No one has the right to stay in office for that many years, thats why we as the people get treated the way we do. They are beyond caring and compassion for anyone but themselves. I am afraid there is not enough people left to see the light and so i pray the good lord above will look down on his people and bring the people that is corrupt to justice and answer our prayers to return this land back to the people. Lord i pray that you will bring down every corrupt thing and every corrupt person involved, Please give us one more chance to set things right. We need your help and we humble ourselves before you lord. We lay our concerns at your feet as you have always told us to. Please forgive us for straying from you and not taking care of the land you entrusted in us in the name of Jesus i ask it....Amen

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Heavy I hear you but we don't need to call them morons. Jesus died for thae just like he died for us. Yes I agree we need to humble ourselves (which means what heavy. we call others morons, I think not) repent for our sins, turn from our wickedness and seek His face, amen to that.

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