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Ministry of Finance is a plan to increase the value of Iraqi dinar


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Ministry of Finance is a plan to increase the value of Iraqi dinar

Al-Hurria TV News - No Date Noted

Ministry of Finance has prepared a plan to increase the value of the dinar against the dollar and then delete the three zeros from the value of the dinar to contribute to the advancement of the Iraqi economy in the coming period, while the Iraqi Central Bank denied the rumors by making the dollar worth a thousand dinars,

A statement issued by the Ministry of Finance, the Minister of Finance (Bayan Jabr) said during his recent visit to the Jordanian capital Amman, said the Central Bank of Iraq confounded financially estimated (twenty two) billion dollars and three tons of gold intended to support the dinar, saying that successful fiscal policy pursued in Iraq have contributed to increasing the value of the dinar against the dollar, noting that all efforts will be channeled to delete three zeros from the value of the dinar.


It looks old article, I don't know this is the current ministry of finance. IMO this is the former MOF Iraq. But I hope this is right time for significant increase Iraqi Dinar.

Go RV!

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3 tons of gold - wow! I remember reading a while back that Suddam's golden arse (from his statue) was being given back to Iraq - wonder if that's included in the 3 ton?!? Lol! Good way to end the day, thanks for the post!

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My question would be is that amount of gold and 22 billion in cash in addition to the money the CBI is saying they will use to bring the value up or is that already figured in to the CBIs total. I think they said they had around 60 billion so does that make it around 83 billion now? If so it will definately help bring up the value. Here is one other thought if Iraq has that much in one other country, what other amounts are they going to bring into play. (in the coming days)

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FYI, this guy is a BAD dude. Here's an old article on his work:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bayan Jabr and the Chilling Gangs of Iraq

So you know those daily news reports you see about mutilated bodies being found and catastrophic bombings? Well it’s not random.

The choice of “soft targets” like markets -- often selected to maximize civilian casualties -- and attacks against a specific community like the Iraqi Shi’ite Muslims of Sadr City in eastern Baghdad are by design, intended to provoke the genocidal passions of civil war. And unfortunately it often works. The more provocative the attacks, the more difficult it can be to contain the retaliatory violence.

Look what happened on November 23, 2006 and the day after. A series of six car bombs and at least two mortars ripped through Sadr City, killing at least 215 Iraqis and injured another 257. The next morning, Shi’ite militiamen retaliated by carrying out extrajudicial killings of dozens of Sunni Muslims. CBS/AP reported militia men dousing 6 Sunni Muslims in kerosene and burning them alive, and the Abu Hanifa mosque, Baghdad’s holiest Sunni Muslim shrine, came under mortar attack.

An escalating cycle of ***-for-tat violence in Iraq and a loss of public confidence here at home clearly led President Bush to reach for a “change in strategy.” Previously for years, the “we will stand down as the Iraqis stand up” mantra defined the Bush/Rumsfeld approach to achieving “victory.” But they failed to recognize the growing pressures of sectarian politics and civil war, or reverse the decisions (particularly by the unrepentant L. Paul Bremer) that ratcheted up those pressures.

There is no better documentary to see all of these disastrous consequences in full display than Gangs of Iraq, a joint production of FRONTLINE and the America at a Crossroads series. I’ve been talking with our NGO colleagues in Washington about showing the one-hour film, which I also recommend for college campuses and communities. You can watch it online here.

Here’s the opening lines of the transcript:

ANNOUNCER: In a divided country, America set out to train Iraqi forces.

NIR ROSEN, Author and Journalist: They were loyal

to Moqtada al Sadr, to Abdul Aziz Hakim, but not to the Iraqi state and not to

anybody in the Green Zone.

ANNOUNCER: Now Iraq is even more divided.

DEXTER FILKINS, New York Times Baghdad Bureau, 2003-06: We started hearing reports of death squads, kidnapping rings, extrajudicial killings.

ANNOUNCER: And less secure.

MATT SHERMAN, Ministry of Interior Adviser, 2003-05: My

fear is that what we're doing is equipping Iraqis for civil war.

Particularly chilling is the interview with Bayan Jabr, a top deputy in the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), a major Shi'ite political party originally sponsored by Tehran. After his appointment as Minister of Interior following the January 2005 elections, he began staffing commando units with Badr Corps commanders. Soon after, there were reports of death squads operating out of the Interior Ministry. By November 2006, U.S. forces began discovering torture chambers in buildings run by the Interior Ministry. It’s impossible to watch Jabr flagrantly deny all of these reports including the eyewitness accounts of our troops and the bona fide testimonials of torture survivors without shouting at him.

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Good evening!

This is an excellent article and post.

Thank you,


Golden Goose,

Good Evening.

Great to hear from you and I agree.

Thank you.


i was pumped as well, but it is old.

That's ok, as we know they have no concept of timelines.......

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Now I like how this Ministry of Finance is is how we are thinking......raise the rate of the dinar.....then you can delete those zero's, after we cash in.

I hope this Ministry of Finance is of this date 2012. Makes me want to shoot fireworks March......

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