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Don't want to trade in all my dinar when it RV's...


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Let's say the dinar rv's but I don't want to trade in all my dinar. But they plan on lopping off the zeros by the end of 2010. Where or what can I do to trade in my old notes (with zero's) for the new notes (without zero's) so I can exchange the new notes later and not lose them during the conversion?

I haven't seen anything on this subject. The only things I have seen are the people that are going to turn in all of their dinars as soon as it rv's. I have also seen where people are going to hold on to some but they don't say what they are going to do if they do lop.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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why not make it simple and trade in all your notes and buy small ones, the rate is not going to change when you buy and sell on the same day

Are the banks that will be exchanging the IQD for USD have the ability to trade out the old currency for the new currency? And if they can, will we there be a fee charged for swapping a currency will be worthless by the end of 2010 for the new currency with the same value? By the word "we" I mean everyone who doesn't live in Iraq and must swap their currency here.

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