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***IQD Team Highlights/Summary blog post notes***

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CBI had some GREAT announcements...

We discussed that they have the currency printed for the new currency which we had discussed many times that this was done in many articles we have discussed... they pretty much told the Kurdish people... look its going to have your picture on it.

We talked about the de-dollarization that's going on that the people on the street are starting to wonder...where all the dollars are going... everybody thinks they went out when the Americans left... these articles are all part of the training we have discussed... You can see how hard Shabibi's job is... Its part of the process that keeps continuing to happen... GOOD STUFF SHABIBI IS DOING HIS THING AND MOVING FORWARD... THE SHABIBI TRAIN KEEPS MOVING ALONG FULL STEAM AHEAD.

Dr Shabibi in no uncertain terms has come out and said there is very little counterfeiting going on... stop it with the articles... I've got records to show you in the banks if you want it... We can keep it and give it to you, so just stop it - you are hurting the are hurting people by saying that there is tons of this stuff out there... As we have discussed many times... again it makes no sense to us that there is tons of this out there because you just can't counterfeit things that are of very low value and try to make any money out of it... it just doesn't make any sense other than the threat of counterfeiting has done more damage than the counterfeiting itself.

We read an article on FOREIGN INVESTMENTS UP TREMENDOUS LAST YEAR... everybody is profiting and doing well... the numbers in this article were astounding... UP ALMOST 50-60%... in certain cases they are thriving... PEOPLE ARE RUNNING TO IRAQ FAST.

We turned to the Internals of the country

We understand they are going to be getting 3G as soon as they can get the frequency or bandwidth for it which should come shortly... they are going to be up to date with all of their technology - faster phones, etc... this is just incredible... that's a lot of technology... another thing they have that is on the cutting edge of technology... wonderful information... we have been talking about that for a long time.

We read about the government needs to activate the law of payment on credit so they can go ahead and start the banks financing some of these projects that are out there... so that people dont have to come to Iraq with $50 billion they can start using the banks to finance projects and to help their economy grow... Using other peoples money is very important for the banking system... If you look at Modern Money Mechanics on our website under Pre & Post RV Information you will understand how important this is - fractional banking...needs to be in place for that... If you look at the Future of Iraq Project on our website - look at the last chapter which is the Banking System... the last part of that talks about how they need these banking systems to be set up - this is part of the final part of that document... needs to be in place and they are ready to go... sounds like they are getting ready to be a very productive economy & in order to be a productive economy you have to have a means of exchange that is worth something... they are putting all of these things in place so that when that means of exchange happens... people can do things... 3G... buy cell phones... all of the modern things... they can start to buy and have things like that... the economy will flourish very very very well moving in the right direction... ALL GOOD... DOMINOES KEEP ON FALLING.

We talked about Talabani coming back to town he's arrived in and in good health with all his medical tests from the United States (wink wink) at least that's what he was telling us he was doing in the US. - we think there is some sort of medical issue with him, but he's back for what we think is going to be the National Meeting next week some time..they should announce it maybe over the weekend... All major parties are back in town.

We talked about Hashemi's 3 followers getting life sentences and, of course, we talked about Kuwait and we talked about what was the importance of Hashemi?... these are all political feathers, bargaining chips that everybody has in their cap... The reason Maliki wanted to go and have a very successful visit in Kuwait is because he can come back and say I was the Prime Minister that solved all of the issues in Kuwait and got us out of Chapter 7... Pretty big feather.

Allawi can come in and say you've got 3 life sentences on these followers of Hashemi... we really want to keep Hashemi out of this can we do that?... thats a bargaining chip for him.

Talabani got his bargaining chip earlier which was the printing of the currency where we talked about the currency showing the struggle of the Kurds.

Why can't we just all get along?

That should be the theme for the upcoming Conference.

They tried to force it thru earlier this week but it kind-a failed because Maliki was out of the country but he's back now in the country... he's got what he needs behind his belt so I think we will see probably see some movement on that before the Arab Summit.

There were a couple of articles I want to touch on not discussed in the news analysis... Articles talking about the payment for the Arab Summit needs to go to the Parliament... everybody is worried they are going to cancel the Summit... They are not going to cancel it... what happened they had put in the budget armored cars for all of the political figures coming the people got upset about all of these armored cars... They have an opportunity now to take the budgeting that was "off budget" for the Arab Summit and put it "on budget" so they will vote away the cars and give the money to the Arab Summit and they will go forward... no if ands or buts... Nobody is waiting on anything for this to RV to get paid for anything... Just moving it around... it is just a budgetary move like we would do here in our country... when we have something off budget we need to pay for... we would take from one program and put it in another.

A lot going on but its more Kuwait and what has gone on with Kuwait that's really meant a lot for what is happening for the RV... GETTING OUT OF CHAPTER 7 IS HUGE... we discussed this was a HISTORICAL TRIP - we discussed all of things discussed in Kuwait were huge... I saw an article today that Kuwait is now at 80% of their debt has been forgiven... they only have 20% remaining... the reason this is so significant is once they come out of chapter 7 they are only at risk for 20% of people coming back at them for these debts that are out there... and you will probably get very few who will come back at them for that... it was very important for them to relieve the debt before they come out of chapter 7... they've got a huge move on that... That's going to help them in three things... IT WILL HELP THEM WITH THE IMF... IT WILL HELP THEM WITH THE RV and HELP WITH THEIR ASCENSION TO THE WTO because they are going to be a GOOD FREE TRADING COUNTRY with VERY LITTLE DEBT cleared up from the past and able to move forward.

Defense Summit being held in Erbil two days before the Summit and we were hoping that we would have a Defense Minister that is not an acting Defense Minister before that... that still can happen... but it will more than likely be the last thing announced.

Parliament in session on Sat and Sunday to get whatever they need to do to get it done... having problems getting everyone to show up... 2/3 showing up... but they need everybody to show up.

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:angry: Come on Iraq show up for your meeting, enact HCL and put

the 2 ministers in !!

:o PUSH the BUTTON !!! Shabibi we need an RV !!!!!

B) Now that wasn't hard was it ?? :rolleyes:

GO RV !!!!!!!!

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