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Iraqi News The sons of Najaf rejoice with joy over the landslide victory for their candidate

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Najaf / Alaa Al-Hajjar

ابناء النجف الاشرف يخرجون في احتفالات كبيرة في شوارع المدينة مبتهجين فرحا بفوز مرشحهم الاستاذ عبد الحسين عبطان والذي حظى بثقة اكثر من (40000)ناخب نجفي ويكون وقد تجاوز بذلك العتبة المطلوبة للحصول على المقعد الواحد في المحافظة ويكون ايضا المرشح الاكثر كسبا لثقة الناخبين في المحافظة حسب الفرز الاولى لنتائج الانتخابات . The sons of Najaf come out in big celebrations in the streets of the city were delighted to win joy candidate Mr. Abdul-Hussein Abtan, which enjoyed the confidence of more than (40000) Najafi, the voters may have exceeded the threshold required to obtain a single seat in the province and is also a candidate for the most gain the confidence of voters in the province by the first count of the election results.

بدوره شكر الاستاذ عبد الحسين عبطان ثقة اهله واخوانه النجفيين بنسبة عالية جدا ويعاهدهم على خدمتهم والمضي على ما ابتدأه من خدمة ونهضة عمرانية للنجف وسيكون خير ممثل لهم في البرلمان القادم ويضع النجف الاشرف واهلها نصب عينيه . In turn, thanked Mr. Abdul-Hussein Abtan confidence of its people and brothers Anajafiin rate is very high and Iehdhm for their service and move to what started it from service and urban renaissance of Najaf and would be the best representative for them in the next parliament, and sets of Najaf and its people in mind.

وهذه هي المرة الثانية يحصل على نسبة عالية من الأصوات تفوق العتبة بعد انتخابات مجالس المحافظات السابقة This is the second time gets a high percentage of votes than the threshold after the provincial elections earlier

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Thanks ... I'm all for their two weeks of politics and then vote and go back to work ... but does anyone really have a feel for how long that they will take to count, authenticate, announce, rebut, challenge, recount, re-declare, and finally assemble? Excluding all of the outside pressures and incidents likely to take place during this period, of course!

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Don't know how to feel about Abdul-Hussein Abtan.

BAGHDAD - The political movement of Iraq's best-known anti-American cleric has emerged as a major contender in next month's national elections, raising the possibility that the next prime minister could be openly hostile to the U.S. and friendly toward Iran.

A prime minister loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr might push the U.S. military to speed up its withdrawal timetable and pose a threat to future military and economic cooperation between the United States and Iraq.

Such a choice also could undermine efforts to reconcile Iraq's religious groups, with memories still fresh of brutal sectarian warfare between al-Sadr's Shiite militiamen and Sunni extremists

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